Tianjin 1ndustrial and commercial sampling inspection of four batches of labor protection products

A few days ago, Tianjin Binhai New Area Administration for 1ndustry and Commerce carried out quality monitoring on 14 batches of labor protection articles produced by 14 enterprises in four provinces and municipalities of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and Tianjin in the field of circulation. The results showed that four batches of products were unqualified, and the nominal trademarks involved ante, Hengju, xinnai xinnai and Fusheng

according to the monitoring results, a batch of “ante” safety helmets produced by Wuxi ante safety equipment Co., Ltd. are not qualified in the lateral rigidity project; Nominal Tianjin Hengju rubber and plastic products Co., Ltd. produced a batch of “Hengju” rubber insulated gloves, marking the project is not qualified. A batch of “xinnai xinnai” safety protective work shoes produced by Wenzhou xinnai Shoes Co., Ltd. are nominal. The impact resistance, pressure resistance and wear resistance of the protective shoes / safety shoes are unqualified. A batch of “Fusheng” toe protection safety shoes produced by Fusheng labor protection products Co., Ltd. are nominal. The general requirements for toe protection of finished shoes, impact resistance of protective shoes / safety shoes, pressure resistance of protective shoes / safety shoes, characteristics of protective wrap, tear strength of outsoles, wear resistance of outsoles, oil resistance of outsoles and marking items are unqualified

for the unqualified labor protection articles found in this monitoring, the industrial and commercial department has ordered the inspected distribution units to stop selling and dealt with them in accordance with the law. 1f consumers find that operators continue to sell substandard labor protection products, please dial 12315 to report, and the industrial and commercial authorities will severely investigate and punish them according to law

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