Tianjin Hongqi labor insurance and taps reach strategic cooperation

on June 13, 2019, Chen Lixuan, general manager of taps (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., issued an authorization certificate for red flag labor insurance. Taps is a leading manufacturer of clothing products in China. This strategic alliance with our company will make better use of the good brand image, sales channels and customer resources of both sides, complement each other’s advantages and win-win cooperation, so as to provide more powerful guarantee for our company to continue to develop and expand terminal customers

1ntroduction to telps – telps is a leading brand in the field of safety protection originated from Germany. 1ts product line covers seven series of industrial safety protection products, including head protection, eye and face protection, respiratory protection, hearing protection, hand protection, body protection and foot protection

we have large-scale manufacturing bases in Europe, the Middle East and China. As a leading brand in high-end, high-quality safety industry, telps (made in Germany) follows the concept of “made in Germany” and professional experts, inherits its excellent manufacturing process, and provides efficient and reasonable solutions for customers through continuous technological innovation from design to finished product delivery, And more competitive, more comfortable, more reliable high-quality products. Through painstakingly studying the international occupational safety certification standards of the products, the whole series of taps products adopt carefully selected high-quality raw materials, advanced mechanical engineering system and the most stringent production process, fully integrating the design and development with the extensive testing and application technology of the laboratory, and strictly testing according to the standards of China, the United States and Europe, We have formed a close internal control network to ensure the high-end and excellent quality of our products. 1t can meet the needs of different levels, customize the overall solution for customers, and do a good job in localization of a full range of personal protective equipment one-stop service

TEPS firmly believes that honesty is the foundation of an enterprise, and treating people with honesty and moving people with faith is our throughout purpose. After years of joint efforts with customers, telps’s marketing network has covered the whole country, introducing the latest achievements and products in the field of safety and health to major enterprises. With the increasing sales performance, we expect to keep pace with our customers who pay attention to quality and efficiency, support each other, and carve our wisdom and strength in the development of China’s manufacturing industry

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