Tianjin Shuangan joined hands with police to crack down on fake labor insurance products

1n August 2019, Tianjin Shuangan labor protection Rubber Co., Ltd. announced its recent anti-counterfeiting achievements. 1n recent months, with the cooperation of Tianjin industry and commerce, Shandong industry and commerce, and the police, a case of manufacturing and selling counterfeit labor insurance products has been cracked across provinces. Several manufacturing and selling personnel have been investigated, and the fake inventory and sales records of all manufacturing and selling dens have been seized

as a well-known brand in China’s labor insurance industry, Tianjin Shuangan labor insurance Rubber Co., Ltd. is also disturbed by fakes like other well-known brands in other industries. The anti-counterfeiting action launched by Tianjin Shuangan labor protection Rubber Co., Ltd. aims to promote the healthy development of the industry and protect the safety of users through big data and technical support, cooperation with the police and regulatory agencies. Counterfeit labor insurance products into the market, not only hurt the counterfeit brand, but also a great threat to the health and safety of users

since the second half of 2018, Tianjin shuang’an labor protection Rubber Co., Ltd. has received feedback from the report that there are many cases of counterfeit labor protection products of Tianjin shuang’an brand with unreasonable price and unqualified quality in many labor protection markets. Tianjin shuang’an is determined to crack down on counterfeiting with the momentum of thunder. According to the report, it secretly visits the sales market in Shandong, Tangshan, northeast, Beijing and other places. Among them, in the warehouse of selling fake goods dens in Shandong Province, we found that more than 100 pieces of fake goods were imported and exported every day and sold all over the country. After that, the Tianjin 1ndustrial and commercial system, together with the local industrial and commercial department and the police in Shandong, carried out a scene search and seized more than 400 pieces of counterfeit Shuangan 5kV insulated shoes. The seller claimed that he did not know that he was buying fake goods, and also reported the purchase channel and purchase invoice to the industrial and commercial system. Tianjin Shuangan is also actively cooperating in the collection of evidence, and the anti-counterfeiting actions in other provinces are also under way. 1n the future, it will further crack down on the manufacturing dens

Why are there so many fakes in the labor insurance market and why are there so many fakes?

it’s all money!

at present, the competition in labor insurance market is fierce, and the industry chain of counterfeiting has also formed in some regions. The material is inferior and many links are saved in the production process. The quality of the product is not up to the standard without testing by professional inspection institutions. The price is surprisingly cheap. 1n recent years, profits have been squeezed by all parties, and the market has gradually become transparent. The three-year era of not opening one order but opening one has already become history. This leads to many criminals making use of dealers’ money making psychology to make fake goods and provide them to dealers at low prices. Some dealers do not distinguish, and even know it is fake goods are still put on the shelf for sale, contributing to the arrogance of counterfeiting. Therefore, the trend of counterfeiting will become more and more fierce

it’s all caused by ignorance!

when counterfeiters encounter those who don’t understand, the market will be more chaotic. Taking 5kV insulated rubber shoes for labor protection as an example, g12011-2009 “foot protection electric insulated shoes” standard was implemented on December 1, 2009, which stipulates the classification, style, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marks, packaging, storage and transportation of electric insulated shoes. Fake and shoddy products can not reach the standard of insulating shoes, let alone protect life safety

in addition, ordinary consumers are mainly recommended by salesmen, so users can’t distinguish what is suitable and what is not. This highlights the importance of the popularization of protection knowledge. We should not only know what we need, where to buy, but also know how to buy and what kind is suitable. According to the demand to buy appropriate labor protection supplies

while Tianjin Shuangan is cracking down on counterfeit products, it is also committed to popularizing the importance of labor safety. Units that suspect the authenticity of Shuangan brand products can report Shuangan personnel to the scene to identify and train enterprises. Strengthen the safety awareness of users, strengthen the popularization of labor protection knowledge, and strive to ensure production safety without hidden dangers

cracking down on counterfeiting in the labor protection products industry is the most troublesome problem for all of us. With the increase of the protection of intellectual property rights in various places, the actions of enterprises to crack down on counterfeiting are also increasing. The sustained, rapid and healthy development of an industry needs a market competition order of genuine goods, good faith and fair trade. The real farsighted labor insurance workers will never ignore the long-term development of the industry and only care about the small profits in front of them. 1n order to eliminate the production and sale of counterfeit goods, it is necessary for all parties to borrow from each other, which is by no means a one-day effort. Tianjin Shuangan labor insurance Rubber Co., Ltd. welcomes the employees in the industry to report the bad behaviors of manufacturing and selling fake products. Let’s jointly supervise and crack down on the bad behaviors of manufacturing and selling fake products. 1t is hoped that in the industry of labor insurance products, the participating enterprises take “protecting life safety” as their own responsibility and constantly alert themselves. Also hope that in our side, more “anti-counterfeiting guards”, less shortsighted generation

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