Tips for choosing liquid nitrogen gloves in laboratory

All the liquid nitrogen gloves in the laboratory are made of imported low temperature resistant composite materials. They are low temperature resistant and can be used in the laboratory in liquid nitrogen places to protect your safety. The length of 38cm, 48CM and 68cm can be selected, but when the skin contacts liquid nitrogen, it will still suffer frostbite. 99% of domestic liquid nitrogen tank users are wearing ordinary cotton gloves, yarn gloves and even unarmed operation when storing samples and operating liquid nitrogen. The hand injury is very big

Product Material: Lab liquid nitrogen gloves are made of imported breathable and waterproof composite materials, low temperature cotton, textile lining, cotton knitted fabric and polyester spinning

product features: Lab liquid nitrogen gloves have superior heat injury protection; Waterproof and breathable; Light weight and comfortable to wear; High operation flexibility, excellent heat injury (frostbite, scald) protection

the use environment of liquid nitrogen gloves in laboratory: clinic / biomedical / biogenetic technology / industrial field / pharmaceutical industry, etc.

the application of liquid nitrogen gloves in laboratory: liquid nitrogen application / refrigeration liquid operation / refrigerant / low temperature grinding operation / Ultra low temperature refrigerator operation, etc

lab liquid nitrogen gloves are suitable for working in cold environment, with soft hand, high flexibility and strong touch; 1t can be used in the temperature range of – 160 ℃ to – 250 ℃. 1t can work in low temperature for a long time without hardening and deterioration

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