tips on the generation and protection of static electricity

1n our life, static electricity is everywhere, which has great and small impact on our life. For example, in winter, when we comb our hair in the morning, our hair will be “Thunderclap” in a chaotic phenomenon; When you shake hands with someone, you will be suddenly electrified; When we go back to take off the sweater at night, the light will be turned off, and you will see wonderful flash and other static phenomena. 1f these static phenomena appear on the production posts, we should wear anti-static clothes, so as to protect the quality of the products

the generation of static electricity is a common natural phenomenon. There are many ways to generate static electricity, such as contact, friction and other actions. During human activities, static electricity is generated by friction between skin and clothes and between clothes. The characteristics of static electricity are high voltage, low power, small current and short acting time

of course, static electricity is not only in daily life, but also in other fields. Especially in the electronic industry, the harm of static electricity is relatively great. Therefore, many electronic industries require employees to wear anti-static work clothes for protection. Some jobs even need anti-static shoes, anti-static hat and anti-static gloves, etc., they need to be anti-static all over the body

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