Tips: some knowledge about flame retardant clothing

Flame retardant clothing is generally divided into non permanent flame retardant and permanent flame retardant. Permanent flame retardant is easy to understand. Clothes made of non combustible materials are non combustible and suitable for making clothes. Non permanent flame retardant is more complicated. Generally, knitted materials are soaked with flame retardant and then made into clothes. Some of them are made of cotton, some of them are made of special materials, and the degree to which they can prevent combustion is also divided into Grade A and grade B

Nantong Baojian: bj-906 Baolan all cotton flame retardant clothing

the current flame retardant clothing is the flame retardant clothing that can reach the national level B test, and the temperature can reach about 200 degrees, and the flame retardant clothing means that the flame falls on the clothes, and does not continue within 2 seconds; For example, firefighters wear class a flame retardant clothing

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