Tips: Tips for choosing haze mask

Since the beginning of winter, anti haze masks have become necessary for some citizens. At present, there are many kinds of anti haze masks in the market, and the product quality is uneven. There are a large number of products marked with “anti haze masks”, “PM2.5 protective masks” and other words. Relevant departments remind consumers that they should be cautious in choosing anti haze masks, not only depending on the appearance

recently, in the quality and safety sampling inspection of anti haze mask products organized by Shandong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, among the 20 samples purchased from the market, 9 samples failed to meet the relevant requirements, with a failure rate of 35.3%. What should consumers pay attention to when choosing masks

according to the relevant person in charge of the scientific research center of Shandong Academy of quality inspection, a truly effective haze mask should meet the national standards, especially the standard number of the standard and the protection effect level of the product. The protective effect reflects the barrier ability of the whole mask product to the particles in the actual use process, especially the barrier ability of the mask at the gap between the mask and the human face

according to experts, there is a simple way to judge whether the protective effect of the mask is up to the standard: after wearing the mask, if the lens fogs, it can be judged that the protective effect is not good

at present, there are mainly disposable anti haze masks and compound anti haze masks in the market, and the cost performance of the two is similar. The engineer of scientific research center of Shandong Academy of quality inspection reminded that the protective ability of PM2.5 mask is obviously affected by the mask material, especially the filter efficiency and protective effect index of the mask made of knitwear are difficult to meet the actual requirements. 1t is suggested that consumers should try to buy the mask made of non-woven fabric or silica gel

however, the higher the purification level of the anti haze mask is, the stronger the barrier ability of the filter element to particulate matter is, which is easy to cause dyspnea. For developing children, casually wearing adult haze masks may cause dyspnea and allergic reactions

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