Tips: what you have to know about the use of hard hat

The service life of the safety helmet is calculated from the date of the completion of the product manufacturing: the plant branch woven hat shall not exceed two years; Plastic cap and paper cap shall not exceed two and a half years; Glass fiber reinforced plastic (vinylon steel) rubber caps shall not exceed three and a half years. Safety helmets due shall be spot checked and tested. They can only be used after they are qualified. After that, they shall be spot checked once a year. 1f they are not qualified, they will be scrapped

Taicang Feihong: ay1208k miner’s safety helmet

the appearance inspection should be conducted before using the safety helmet. The components of the safety helmet, such as the cap shell, cap hoop, top lining, lower jaw belt and rear buckle (or cap hoop buckle) should be intact. The buffer space between the cap shell and top lining is 25 ~ 50mm. After wearing the safety helmet, the rear buckle should be screwed to the appropriate position (or the cap hoop buckle should be adjusted to the appropriate position), Lock the lower jaw belt to prevent it from sliding due to forward and backward or other reasons

to solve the quality problem of security supplies, on the one hand, the relevant departments should select qualified manufacturers to produce security supplies to meet the market demand; On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision and crackdown on inferior manufacturers, strictly monitor the production and sales of security products, and force the “physical examination” of security products including safety helmets, so as to avoid the inflow of inferior security products into the market and affect the safety production of safety helmets

no matter in our life or in engineering operation, we can’t do without safety helmet, so we should know more about the material of safety helmet in the process of use, so that we can know more about the function of safety helmet in use, and have a new understanding of safety helmet and different materials in our use, The safety helmet made of different materials is applied to different fields to play the protective role of safety helmet

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