to ensure quality and safety is to ensure people’s livelihood

Product quality and safety is related to the vital interests of the masses, the survival and development of enterprises, national reputation and government image. A few days ago, the State Council decided to strictly hold the Xi’an subway “problem cable” incident accountable according to law and discipline, further strengthen the whole process, the whole chain and all-round supervision to ensure quality and safety, and the relevant responsible persons and departments were severely punished. This decision responds to the concerns of the whole society about the quality of products involving the safety of people’s lives, demonstrates the determination of the party and the government to take law and discipline seriously and safeguard public interests, and has aroused strong repercussions from all walks of life

safety in production and quality-oriented. Even if only 0.001% of the products are unqualified, it will be 100% if they fall on the consumers. Since the reform and opening up, the quality of products and services in China has improved significantly. 1n recent years, the qualified rate of national supervision and random inspection of product quality has stabilized at more than 90%. However, we should also see that at present, China’s manufacturing industry has a direct loss of more than 100 billion yuan due to quality problems every year, and the direct loss caused by counterfeit and shoddy goods has reached more than 200 billion yuan. Quality violations are characterized by large-scale, networking, and technicalization, and the means of making and selling counterfeit goods by lawless elements are more concealed. This dampens the consumer confidence of the masses and is not conducive to the formation of a good social security environment. Practice has proved that only by firmly establishing the awareness of quality first and changing “1 want production safety” to “1 want production safety” can product quality be significantly improved. On the contrary, it is possible that “the dike of thousands of miles will collapse in the ant nest”

General Secretary Xi Jinping once pointed out: “the development of human life must not be at the expense of human life.” 1t has to be an insurmountable red line. ” How firm the concept of security development is depends on how firm the action is. Formalism is not allowed. 1f we put on airs in quality and safety supervision, risks will only circulate in the body. From the “problem cable” incident of Xi’an metro, whether the bidding management and procurement system of key equipment and materials are not perfect, or the responsibility of construction project quality supervision and inspection is not in place, the omission of any link may cause overall and systematic safety problems. To make the common people less worried about the quality and safety, we must strengthen the all-round supervision of quality from all fronts and all links, and pay attention to giving full play to the main role of enterprises, the supervision role of government departments, and the supervision role of social organizations and consumers. Only in this way can we create a strong atmosphere in which everyone attaches importance to quality, creates quality, and enjoys quality

public safety is everywhere. To ensure quality and safety is to ensure development and people’s livelihood. Only by strengthening the warning education, changing the government’s functions, managing the work well, and not relaxing the work of ensuring safety in a moment, can enterprises become the real market main body and quality main body, and the masses feel “stable happiness”

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