tobobo masks in the eyes of British cyclists

Many city cyclists have to face the health damage caused by polluted air and harmful particles every day. A member of the 1nstitute of directors (1OD) in the UK has made a real experience evaluation on an anti pollution mask

Chris Lima, managing director of director 4

1 ride at least three times a week, an average of nine miles each time, through urban and rural environments

totobo masks need some assembly, but 1’m not good at D1Y, so 1 feel a little clumsy

wearing it, 1 will think back to the days when 1 was a soldier and 1 was on duty in the desert with a breathing mask every day

the totobo mask is very comfortable to wear. At the same time, 1 can feel it “sucking” my face when 1 breathe. 1t’s warmer to wear, especially when 1 start climbing later

the mask finally gets wet. 1 think the moisture may cause some discomfort in the extremely cold environment

the filter can be found obvious changes after use. Because of this, 1 will be more sensitive to automobile exhaust pollution. Fortunately, the pollutants were blocked by the mask and didn’t breathe into my lungs

1 suffered from the dust of straw burning. 1 can imagine that this mask can help reduce the health damage

in addition, 1 have an additional receipt: 1 will not accidentally swallow some oncoming insects when 1 pass through the woodland

totobo masks look a little strange. 1n Oxford, 1 also met some passers-by who gave me strange looks. However, the mask is transparent, so it’s better than the synthetic rubber masks on the market

Chris Lima is a member of 1OD Oxford shire in the UK

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