Toner for safety shoes

Toner is a color regulator for the upper of safety shoes. When shoes are made, it is necessary to cover the cut section, seam and hole of leather, and to improve or change the color tone of shoes partially or completely, it is necessary to choose toner. Broadly speaking, coloured shoe finishing agents can be regarded as toners, but color matching is not always important in such materials. Br / >
the necessary additives are added into the toner, and the adhesive can make the toner better combine with the vamp, and the toner is more uniform and convenient to use. The color matching materials are more sprayed. Toner has water-based regulation shoe milk and solvent type

solvent type can improve the brightness after color mixing. For two-layer suede safety shoes and frosted leather safety uppers, in addition to color matching, it is also required to increase the brightness of color. The toner can increase the resistance to dry, wet rubbing and bending of shoes, which is suitable for the size, heel and edge coating of shoes. Pigments and dyes are naturally color matching materials, in which pigments are more used in the situation of covering, while dyes are more used in the situation of some effect

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