Tong Dawei gives gas masks to employees

Almost every year, Fan Bingbing, Jay Chou, Cai Yilin, Lin Xinru, Huang Xiaoming, Lin Junjie, Wang Baoqiang, Tong Dawei, Xiao Yaxuan, Xiao Jingteng and so on, the year-end awards distributed by these star bosses will become the focus of media attention, because they are very generous and treat their employees as their families. For example, Fan Bingbing has given employees diamonds before, Huang Xiaoming also prepared a million luxury car for his employees… What about this year

like all migrant workers, working for the star boss will also receive the year-end bonus. Because the star boss is very generous, the employees always look forward to the welfare of the boss

however, the year-end bonus of this year, star owners are playing the “love card”

among them, the most unique gift giving artist is Tong Dawei. Tong Dawei, who just set up his studio last year, was very busy last year and almost traveled all over the world. “Mr. Da gives you special gifts every year. 1n addition to the usual red envelope, he also makes postcards of his photos on the journey for you. Some time ago, Beijing suffered from haze, and he also issued a gas mask. “

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