Touch screen gloves with technology and warmth

with the launch of Apple’s iPhone in 2007, capacitive touch screen products began to appear on the stage of history. The principle of capacitive touch screen determines that users must touch the screen with their fingers to operate. And in the cold winter, it’s very painful to take off gloves. Touch screen gloves are special gloves used to operate capacitive touch screen products in winter. 1t integrates technology and warmth preservation, and solves the problem of freezing hands when iPhone family operates touch-screen phones outdoors in winter

in 2010, Japanese Shiraki introduced touch screen gloves to the Chinese market for the first time, and set up touch Group Trading Co., Ltd. in China the following year. Registered the touch group brand, started the era of China’s touch screen gloves

touch screen gloves have been produced and sold in China, and the industry is still in its infancy. Few companies have the real technology and strength. Due to the high technical requirements of touch screen gloves, Xiaobian suggests that consumers identify brand products when purchasing products. Not easy to use is a small matter, scratch the touch screen is a big loss

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