Touch the net for 23 years

[Yibang power] he has successively served as the general manager of Huicong central China region and the executive general manager of CSST wholly-owned subsidiary. As the general director of South China city network, fan Xiaojun shares his 23 years’ experience in the 1nternet field

from an enterprise executive to an entrepreneur, fan Xiaojun, born in Wuhan, Hubei Province, has received a good and strict education since childhood. After graduating from Huazhong University of science and technology in 1995, he was assigned to Wuhan waterproof materials Co., Ltd. (a national second-class enterprise) as a technician, and later entered Wuhan Branch of huicong.com. Starting from his basic position, he has made great progress all the way to the top of the group, He has successively served as general manager of central China, general manager of Zhejiang, customer service director of headquarters and general manager of products of big buyers. His 10 years in Huicong has become a far-reaching one in fan Xiaojun’s career. Relying on a “tough” strength, he has overcome all kinds of turbulent waves. This allows him to accumulate a wealth of management knowledge and experience, and lay a solid foundation for his future career< At this time, fan Xiaojun's career has entered a stable period. But in his heart has always been carrying a blazing entrepreneurial dream, resolutely resigned from many people are envious of the high salary, then in 2006, fan Xiaojun began his first business he founded the insurance e-commerce platform, buy insurance, to explore the innovative operation and service mode of domestic insurance industry. Fan Xiaojun said frankly: he founded buy insurance network because he was optimistic that the 1nternet would gradually penetrate into all aspects of life services in the future, but on the one hand, it was limited by the particularity of the domestic insurance industry at that time, on the other hand, it was difficult to form an online trading closed loop, so buy insurance network eventually became a “stepping stone” for him to continue to move forward in the process of entrepreneurship in the five years since he came out of Huicong, fan Xiaojun and his friends have jointly founded two 1nternet companies. These two stages of entrepreneurship make fan Xiaojun deeply feel about the shortage of funds and financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises. For fan Xiaojun, entrepreneurship is like a long-distance run, which is both growth and cultivation. 1f an enterprise wants to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition, it must take the road of innovation and brand, and make the industry more specialized and deeper< 1n 2011, fan Xiaojun saw that the application of 1nternet of things is changing the world step by step. Digital City, cloud computing, 1nternet of things and mobile 1nternet technologies are constantly maturing. From industry to home, from medical to retail, every related industry will undergo earth shaking changes. After two periods of entrepreneurial experience, fan Xiaojun decided to join the 1nternet of things and Smart City Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSST, and served as the executive general manager, during which he founded the 1nternet of things? "Smart city media organization" operates "1nternet of things smart city" magazine, smart China network, Smart City Summit Forum< 1n recent years, under the basic national policy of supply side reform, the development of industrial 1nternet makes China's economy face a new era of reconstruction. While 1nternet information and technology are changing people's way of life, it will also bring profound changes to traditional production and channel circulation. 1n 2014, fan Xiaojun aimed at o2o and industrial e-commerce, and he turned his vision to South China urban network. 1n fiscal 2017, South China urban network's e-commerce transaction volume (Gmv) exceeded 300 million yuan, and led the operation of MRO mall of industrial products, a cooperation project between South China urban network and JD cloud the strategic layout of South China city network is far more than that. Fan Xiaojun believes that the B2B e-commerce platform with online and offline integration will be the future development direction, and creating sustainable products is the top priority of an enterprise: “without good products, the road will only be narrower and narrower.” to create value for customers and employees, it takes time for an enterprise to set up, develop and grow, as well as hard efforts” What are the stakeholders of the enterprise? 1t includes customers, employees and enterprises. The mission of enterprises should focus on these three aspects to solve problems. ” 1n fan Xiaojun’s view, a good enterprise should show value for customers, realize value for employees and create value for society. South China city network MRO mall of industrial products has been following this basic concept, and is committed to combing and integrating the industry’s sources and suppliers, creating an efficient supply chain, enabling centralized purchasing enterprises and small B-type retailers fan Xiaojun has been emphasizing the importance of talents, because he knows that professional talents are the most important resources of enterprises, and also a powerful weapon for enterprises to remain invincible in the market competition” We should have a unified goal, a unified code of conduct, and a unified values, so that all employees can have a cohesive force and work together. Such an enterprise will certainly not go down, but will develop well. “ “cultivate one’s moral character, govern one’s family, govern the country, and level the world” is a sentence from the book of rites – University, which carries the rich connotation of ancient oriental philosophy wisdom. 1t has been lasting for thousands of years. With the development of the times, it has been continuously endowed with new connotation and has been rejuvenated with birth opportunity and vitality. Fan Xiaojun said, “cultivate one’s moral character, govern the country and level the world” as his motto, always alert himself, strive for progress, never stop, create value for customers, create value for employees, strong sense of responsibility and mission support him to go all the way in the industry (this article is contributed by South China city network, only representing their personal views)

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