Tower crane ten don’t hang doggerel

1t’s very important to get on the tower crane and turn on the tower crane.

self discipline, self-confidence, you’re part of the construction industry.

build principles, stand, and sing everywhere.

brick concrete building, and frame, if it’s not high-rise, don’t be afraid.

30 meters, not high, not half way up the mountain.

it’s brick concrete, a little busy, dozens of people are building walls.

female comrades, 1t’s easy to do small work and rely on the tower crane.

it’s hard to contract work. There are so many people who want this and prepare that.

there are so many people far away. They yell at you. They are disorganized and have no command. They all look up and urge you to put down the ash bucket and close the bricks. They don’t understand the command gestures.

slow down and stop shaking. Women are too weak to resist.

be careful and avoid people, Focus on building brick concrete

pouring pillars, girdling, working overtime at night

commodity ash, no need, meet the inverted top to kill people

mixer, a can of pot, day and night, rotating continuously

although there are lights, it is difficult to compare with the natural light in the daytime

steel bar head, scaffold, unclear vision, easy to hang

lift up, free of pulling and hanging, 1t’s better to wipe your face when you’re sleepy.

don’t be impatient, don’t worry, you’ll always be in a higher position than others.

be calm and make money.

don’t resent, don’t fight, it’s not easy for all walks of life.

be patient and content, Happy work is not common

frame building, less night shift, no need to stay up late and get up early

steel beam, are very long, lifting in place in the high wall

two ends flat, and then run, the most avoid imbalance at both ends

round steel pipe, or square timber, balance lifting, do not neglect

wood formwork, a lot of tension, in place, do not panic with rope core

one gear up, more stay, Avoid hooking the steel rope head

build the frame, the boss is big, and he is not afraid of using the commodity ash

it’s really fast, saving the night shift is not bad

the boss has the strength to protect the salary from being bullied

if he works for one month, he will take the money, and his heart will not be bothered

you have the feeling, 1’m interested, where do you say, 1’ll go

first seek stability, then speak fast, The boss and the workers all like to

be easy-going and smiling, who is not far away from us

it’s easy to do and do things, and no one looks coldly at you

keep your self-esteem and be very happy. 1t’s safe all the year round

you may not know all about it

here, make a summary, The safety regulations are as hard as iron

* * * *

if you don’t lift, the operation is not easy

if you don’t lift, the operation is not easy

if the wind is level 6, you have to finish the work.

if the wind is level 6, it’s not thin, and it’s hard to stand up when you hold an umbrella in the wind.

the wires are ringing, the sound is sharp, and it’s not a joke when the wind reaches level 6

if the tower crane is high, the wind is harder, 1t’s hard for Lixuan’s arrow to stop when it’s above the wind.

it’s not our fault to go down the tower at the end of the day when the wind is extraordinary.

it’s not our fault to swing the arm against the wind.

it’s not allowed to touch this rule because it’s overweight.

the rated load should be borne in mind that overweight hard crane is a joke.

because it’s heavy, it can’t be lifted, Regulations on no hanging for overweight

if you lift more than you look at the counterweight, you must not rely on luck

you must remember the regulations when you operate carelessly

if you are careless, you are playing with your life

if you are careless, you are not hanging for three times. 1f the signal is unclear, you are not hanging for three times

generally, there is a command on site, and you need to whistle with flag gestures

if you have a unified signal in the air, 1t’s common sense to cooperate with each other without mistakes.

it’s incompetent to understand these command signals.

learn more in spare time, and continue to work in the future.

four don’t hang, don’t pull obliquely, and it’s easy to travel on business.

the tower body is inclined, the heart load and the steel rope out of the groove should be installed.

local dragging is not allowed, The tower is easy to lean nearly one meter

if you move it under the tower arm in advance, there is nothing to be lifted vertically

by chance, play bold, regret the accident late

* * * * *

five don’t lift, attached objects, carrying objects need to be protected

objects and people, don’t mix, easy to ride, no door

live animals, no way, 1t’s impossible to lift floating objects together

we have to avoid it. Why should we take this risk?

we have a firm position and strict principle. What’s the difficulty of more than one trip?

* * * * * *

we can’t see six times because it’s dark and the light is not clear.

we have to work late at night, pull on the electric light, and we can’t see clearly when the light is less.

steel head, scaffold, 1t’s easy to hang when hiding in the dark

the hanging objects are in disorder and sway for a long time

it’s dark and there’s little light. 1f you can’t see clearly and your hair is confused, it’s better not to hang them all light

seven don’t hang them and bury them. 1t’s hard to guess their weight

or bury them deep or press them, 1t’s hard to guess how heavy it is in winter when the ground is as cold as iron and the hanging objects are frozen.

it’s hard to guess how heavy it is. 1f it’s hard to lift, it shouldn’t be dug out or melted away. You should know how to lift it.

eight don’t lift it, it’s not necessary to tie it tightly.

once it slips, it’s unnecessary to pull wire and snap it, The container loading room is leaking

the lashing rope and safety rope are clear in the heart

the hemp rope and iron wire should be firmly put an end to without any mistake

the lashing must be standardized and careful so that the 10000 year ship

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
when hovering, the steel wire rope is always stretched

the hook is connected with the processing parts, 1t’s my fault that the hanging object shakes when 1’m directly working there.

1 don’t care about the length of time.

when 1’m hanging, 1 should avoid hanging. 1f 1’m hanging for a long time,

put it on the ground steadily, and then 1’ll do it again.

ten no hanging, sling disease, which is the most serious problem.

the brake doesn’t work and won’t stop, The limit of tower crane is very valuable.

the small ropes are loose, not tight, mutual wear and tear, and the service life is over.

the big ropes are disordered, arranged orderly, without hidden danger.

climb more, check frequently, and operate safely.

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