Track Digger: 1 don’t know spring, summer, autumn and winter in the cave

project name card: Rail loop

Project Overview: the total investment of rail transit loop is about 34.2 billion yuan, with a total length of 51 km, including 42 km of underground lines. There are 33 stations, 3 parking lots, 3 110kV main substations and 1 control center along the line

construction period: the project will start at the end of October 2013 and be completed and put into operation in 2017< On May 1, Liu Zhiwei, a worker, and his colleagues were carrying out the construction with a "wind gun" - a rock drill at the construction site of the Sports Park Station on the ring line of rail transit. Where the rock drill goes, small holes will be made in the hard rock immediately< At 11 a.m., the reporter entered the inclined shaft more than 20 meters deep underground in the dark well, the air is muddy and the noise is loud. The reporter’s feet are full of thin mud, and he will falter if he is not careful “bang bang, bang bang!” On the 4-meter-high inclined shaft platform, Liu Zhiwei, wearing knee high water boots, is drilling with a rock drill according to the relevant person in charge of the urban rail transit group, the sports park station is designed as a two-story underground excavation station. Before the construction of the station, a 510 meter long inclined shaft must be excavated to serve as a channel for construction and transportation of materials in the process of inclined shaft excavation, considering the safety impact of surrounding residents’ travel and blasting on surrounding buildings, drilling and blasting method is adopted, that is, manual drilling and blasting< The main tasks of Liu Zhiwei and his colleagues are to excavate inclined shafts and drill blastholes. Peng Yonghui, who is in charge of the construction of the track station in the sports park, said that there are air pipes and water pipes on the rock drill. When drilling, the air pipes give power, while the water pipes are used to reduce the temperature of the rock drill< According to Peng Yonghui, a worker can drill at most more than 20 blastholes a day, and the cross section of the inclined shaft, which is 6 meters wide and 5.5 meters high, needs to drill more than 100 blastholes. After all the blastholes are drilled, explosives are placed in the holes" Even if the explosives open the way, the project is still very difficult. " The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Rail Transit group said that since the construction started in November last year, the maximum excavation is 2 meters per day, and the most difficult place can only be excavated 1 meter per day it’s common to be tired, dirty and injured. the rock drill weighs 49 kg. When working, Liu Zhiwei needs another colleague to be his deputy when drilling, the workers’ bodies will shake with the bit involuntarily. So, for most of the working day, their bodies are shaking “after work, 1 often have the illusion that my body shakes unconsciously.” Liu Zhiwei said not only that, injuries are common. When drilling, it can’t help flying debris and sand particles, accidentally splashing on the face” Where it splashes, a piece of skin will fall off. These scars are all there. ” Liu Zhiwei pointed to his left face and said the reporter also noticed that Liu Zhiwei’s helmet was stained with mud and his clothes were wet” The water from the pipe often spills on you. 1 need to change my work clothes in half a day. ” Liu Zhiwei said dry excavation has been carried out for more than 10 years. Liu Zhiwei has seen all kinds of Geology: poor lithology, poor geological structure, unfavorable geology and underground water layer. They can adopt the most reasonable construction method according to their experience. How to select the drilling position, drilling angle, drilling depth, and how to clean the hole on the cross section, he has a good grasp of it, and there are few supplementary blasts “drilling holes makes others feel tired, dirty and dangerous. We are used to it. As a matter of fact, the wind is not blowing, the rain is not drenching, and the sun is not shining in the tunnel. ” Liu Zhiwei said to himself that he could not feel the cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter in underground construction in the twinkling of an eye, it’s 12 noon, it’s time for lunch. Liu Zhiwei and his colleagues packed up the rock drill and stepped out of the inclined shaft. The sunshine, blue sky and white clouds all look so dazzling… the rail loop line was completed and opened to traffic by the end of 2017 “the whole loop line is expected to be open to traffic and trial operation by the end of 2017.” The relevant person in charge of the city rail group said that by then, it will be greatly convenient for the surrounding citizens to travel< According to the introduction, the rail transit loop line will connect Shapingba group, Guanyinqiao group, Renhe group, Nanping group and dayangshi group, connecting Shapingba railway station, Chongqing north station, four kilometer long distance hub, chenjiaping passenger station, Chongqing West Station and other large passenger flow distribution points along the line. The maximum passenger capacity of the train is 2700, which is nearly 50% more than that of the 6-car train in line 1 for citizens, transfer is more convenient. Among the 33 stations of the rail loop, 13 stations have transfer function. For example, transfer with line 5 extension at Olympic Sports Center Station, transfer with line 12 at Erlang station, transfer with line 5 and line 12 at Chongqing West Station, transfer with line 1 and line 9 at Shapingba station, etc according to the city rail group, there are bus stops, parking lots and other supporting transportation facilities planned along the rail loop line, which can easily connect with other modes of transportation and effectively relieve traffic pressure this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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