Training and making of simple gas mask and gas mask

1. Production of simple gas mask

simple gas mask is a kind of gas mask made of transparent plastic bag as mask body and filled with gas filtering and smoke filtering materials to imitate the form of gas filtering tank. The manufacturing steps are as follows:

the first step is to prepare the required materials

1. Filtering material: any one of the following materials can be selected. 1. Lime soil particles: mix the same amount of quicklime and clay evenly, add water to make blocks, dry and crush in the shade, take particles with a diameter of 1 mm, soak them in alkaline solution (soapy water, alkaline water, baking soda water), and take them out to dry in the shade after saturation2. Activated carbon materials or charcoal2. Smoke filtering materials: 1. sawdust: select 0.6 ~ 1.2mm sawdust. (2) cotton, cotton velvet fabric, foam sponge, etc. 1solation material: 1. mask: a transparent plastic bag with certain strength, soft and airtight, which can cover the head2. Bamboo tube, pop can, etc

4. Strong sealing materials: adhesive tape, iron wire, elastic belt, cotton, elastic rubber cloth, etc

Step 2: see table 9-1 for manufacturing method 1

method 2:

the cover body can be made of plastic cloth, artificial leather, rubber cloth, tung oil cloth and other soft and airtight materials with certain strength. After cutting according to the size shown in Figure 10-2, the elastic belt can be used to make T-shaped headband. Measure the corresponding length and fit it on the cover body respectively. Then, the mandibular part of the mask is closely combined with the canister, and fixed with adhesive tape, and then two fixed belts are added on the canister to ensure the stability of wearing2. Production of gas mask

1. Loading gas mask (Fig. 10-2). The mask is made of gauze or towel, which is filled with activated carbon or crushed lime, sawdust, charcoal, cotton and other filter materials, and then sewed well. A 30 cm ~ 50 cm opening is cut from both ends of the gauze to form a headband

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