Transformation and upgrading plan of four major industries in Wenzhou

yesterday, the 37th executive meeting of Wenzhou municipal government was held. The meeting was presided over by Mayor Zhao Yide, attended by executive vice mayor Peng Jiaxue, vice mayors Huang Dekang, Meng Jianxin, Xu Yufei, Zhou shaozheng, Qiu Yangjun and Chen Hao, and attended by Zhuo Gaozhu, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Congress. The meeting deliberated and approved the action plan for the transformation and upgrading of shoe leather, electrical, pump valve and mold industries

shoe leather is one of the important industries in Wenzhou economy. According to the implementation plan for transformation and upgrading of shoe leather industry, Wenzhou will focus on upgrading the shoe capital 1ndustrial Park, introducing the shoe material logistics market, and further building the headquarters economy; Encourage enterprises to increase scientific and technological innovation, accelerate information construction, and increase the development of energy conservation and environmental protection projects; Vigorously promote brand cultivation, develop independent brands, and promote the innovation of marketing mode; Accelerate the pace of integration and reorganization, and lay a solid foundation for product quality. By 2012, the total industrial output value of Enterprises above Designated Size will reach 97 billion yuan

the electrical industry is the manufacturing industry with the largest industrial scale and the largest number of enterprises in Wenzhou. According to the action plan for transformation and upgrading of electrical industry (2010-2012), our city will take building “1nternational Electrical City” as the overall goal, vigorously develop energy-saving, environmental protection and intelligent electrical products, promote “high-end products, intensive operation, brand differentiation and chain internationalization” of electrical industry, and form a modern industrial cluster with international competitiveness. By 2012, we will strive to make the industrial output value of the whole industry exceed 100 billion yuan, cultivate more than two enterprises with more than 10 billion yuan and more than four enterprises with more than 5 billion yuan, and the proportion of R & D of Enterprises above Designated Size in sales revenue will be more than 3%

the pump and valve industry is a characteristic and advantageous industry in Wenzhou. According to the action plan for transformation and upgrading of pump and valve industry, our city will focus on the development of nuclear power pump and valve, marine pump and valve, electronic control pump and valve, as well as special pump and valve supporting major engineering construction in the fields of electric power, large-scale petrochemical, petroleum pipeline, coal liquefaction and metallurgy, and strive to achieve an industrial output value of 35 billion yuan by 2015, 1t has become one of the important pump and valve industry bases in the world

the action plan for transformation and upgrading of Die & mould industry proposes that Wenzhou will rely on the existing industrial advantages to implement the “four major projects” of industrial agglomeration promotion, information construction, talent support, standardization and specialization, and promote the construction of Die & mould innovation base. By 2015, we will cultivate 3 leading mould enterprises with more than 100 million yuan, and realize the industrial output value of 15 billion yuan< The meeting also deliberated and passed in principle the measures for Wenzhou City to implement the regulations on the protection and administration of Wenruitang River in Zhejiang Province, the revision of the overall land use plan of Wenzhou City (2006-2020), the implementation opinions on Further Strengthening the work to fight the tough battle of energy conservation and consumption reduction in the eleventh five year plan, the outline of the medium and long term talent development plan of Wenzhou City (2010-2020), and the implementation measures for the implementation of the regulations on the protection and administration of Wenruitang River in Zhejiang Province "Wenzhou oujiangkou industrial agglomeration area development plan", "Wenzhou urban motor vehicle parking management measures" and so on

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