Treatment of shoe leather pollution in Lucheng District of Wenzhou

as an important upstream supporting industry of shoe industry, leather industry not only provides services, but also brings serious pollution. Lucheng District of Wenzhou has listed the work of energy conservation and consumption reduction into the annual important work target responsibility system of the district Party committee and the district government, formulated and promulgated the measures for the management of special financial funds for energy conservation and consumption reduction in Lucheng District, and strengthened the policy support for energy conservation and consumption reduction

at present, Lucheng District focuses on the development of circular economy, the transformation of energy-saving projects, and the supervision of key energy users, so as to tap the energy-saving potential, and increase energy supervision and investigation. 28 enterprises have passed the provincial and municipal “cleaner production” audit and acceptance. The district also carried out the investigation of energy-saving projects of key energy consuming industrial enterprises, and established the corresponding project database. According to statistics, in the past three years, more than 30 enterprises have carried out energy-saving transformation, saving 10517 tons of standard coal and 18.39 million kwh of electricity. So far, a total of 30 energy-saving projects have been declared, and more than 6 million yuan of energy-saving subsidy has been applied. The treatment rate of urban domestic sewage is 92.91%, and the harmless treatment rate of domestic garbage is 100%. Last year, there were 347 days of good ambient air in urban areas. At the same time, the zone points the “sword” of pollution control to the electroplating industry, which is an important supporting industry of light industry. Through the implementation of the new three-year action plan for the improvement of electroplating industry in Lucheng District, the environmental supervision of electroplating industry is strengthened, and enterprises are guided and encouraged to move into Houjing electroplating Park, so as to achieve the goal of “centralized production, centralized treatment and centralized management”. At present, electroplating Park sewage treatment capacity of more than 9000 tons per day

while vigorously developing circular economy, promoting cleaner production, energy conservation and environmental protection resources, the zone further optimizes the industrial structure, resolutely eliminates backward technology, and controls environmental pollution from the source

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