Treatment of “three violations” with three doses of “traditional Chinese medicine” in Heilongjiang anruijia Petrochemical Company

Since the beginning of this year, Heilongjiang anruijia Petrochemical Co., Ltd. issued three doses of “traditional Chinese medicine”, combining hardness with softness, treating the persistent disease of “three violations”, putting an end to “three violations”, and keeping away from accidents. Up to now, the incidence of habitual violations has been significantly reduced, and the safety awareness of all staff has been continuously enhanced

in the first quarter, the company’s output rose, realizing continuous safety production” Warm medicine can remove miscellaneous diseases. 1n order to make employees fully aware of the harm caused by the “three violations”, the company takes advantage of the network media by watching the safety warning education film of accident cases, “safety dialogue”, “safety golden ideas”, “safety emergency drill”, “safety nitpicking and exposing”, “violation exposure”, “mutual safety SMS”, “team safety observation meeting”, etc All staff safety discussion and other activities can enhance the safety and legal awareness of employees, effectively improve the safety culture quality of employees, and create a good atmosphere of “all staff stress safety, all staff work for safety, always stress safety, and ensure safety in everything”

“tonic” is a strong skill. This company extends the focus of safety training to the practical direction, and the “prescription” varies from person to person, so as to suit the remedy to the case and deal with the “three violations”. For technical and management personnel, focus on training safety management, production control, improve execution. For the “head and tail”, the training of management ability, production hazard identification and risk assessment should be emphasized, and the consequences and responsibilities of illegal command should be emphasized. For the personnel of production posts, the training focuses on the basic knowledge of safety, post operation skills, risk identification and emergency treatment. On the basis of strengthening the learning of post “should know and should know”, the hazard sources are decomposed, so that the employees can understand the hazard sources of their posts at a glance, and strive to realize “behavior standardization, operation standardization and risk minimization”

“powerful medicine” can eliminate stubborn diseases. Take the production site as the key prevention area to eliminate habitual violations, adopt the combination of regular inspection and spot check, continuously increase the frequency and strength, supervise and inspect the operation behavior of employees, and strengthen the marking of weak links and key posts. According to the characteristics of Habitual Violation of rules and regulations, such as repetition, concealment, easy to spread and difficult to cure, the director of each workshop requires each team to carefully check in daily operation and supervision, make records and arrangement, and form courseware for education and training, so as to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of training.

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