Trying to wear a seat belt and being ridiculed as a “foreign worker”

Ms. Liu, who came to Jinan on business, took a taxi at the long-distance bus terminus. She was just about to fasten her seat belt, but she was ridiculed as “foreign worker” by the driver. The reporter’s investigation found that passengers seldom take the initiative to wear seat belts when taking a taxi. According to the traffic police department, the new road traffic safety law stipulates that people should wear seat belts when riding in motor vehicles, but the current punishment measures are only for drivers. 1t is hoped that the public will raise their safety awareness and that passengers in the co pilot’s seat should also wear their seat belts

Ms. Liu, who came to Jinan from Guangzhou for business, took a taxi from the long-distance bus terminal at about 4 p.m. on the 23rd. After getting on the bus, Ms. Liu was just about to fasten her seat belt when she found that the driver’s water cup, towel and other items were placed in the jack. Ms. Liu wanted to wear a seat belt, but she was ridiculed by her master in Jinan dialect

“because of frequent business trips, 1 have developed the habit of wearing seat belts. 1n many cities in the south, the driver will take the initiative to remind the co driver to fasten his seat belt. 1f he doesn’t, he won’t drive. ” Ms. Liu said that when she was on a business trip in Heze, Liaocheng and Tai’an, drivers would remind her to fasten her seat belt. Jinan is a provincial capital city and should have more safety awareness than other places

the reporter interviewed several citizens at random and found no habit of wearing seat belts when taking taxis. Mr. Wang, a citizen, said: “do you still need to wear a seat belt when taking a taxi? Generally, taking a taxi is short distance. Jinan is so congested that taxis can’t run fast. So 1’ve never worn a seat belt. ” Ms. Wang, a citizen, said that when she was taking a taxi, she sometimes thought of wearing a seat belt, but when she saw the black and greasy seat belt on the taxi, she had to give up the idea

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