TS1 releases new size respirator fit tester for leak detection

Mita8120, a set of accessories for portacount respirator tightness test, is used for tightness test of all kinds of comprehensive respirators including self-contained respirator, filter respirator and nuclear biochemical mask

London, February 14, 2013 – every user using respirators needs the highest level of protection. For mask service centers, manufacturers or similar military, production facilities, organization of ambulance teams, and workers working in hazardous environments, 1t is very necessary to test whether these breathing equipment meet the highest level standards. With portacount respirator tightness tester, TS1 company can provide a set of comprehensive quantitative respirator tightness testing tools, TS1 has completed a safety solution for mask integrity and fit testing. Mita 8120 Mita and portacount ? The respirator tightness tester is used in series to test whether the respirator is leaking and ensure that it works as designed.

by conducting aerosol leakage test, a comprehensive respirator integrity test will be performed. Under negative pressure and constant current conditions, the respirator will be tested on a complete headform, And an enhanced air bag sealing system is used to provide a good sealing environment for most gas masks and various sizes and types of full-scale respiratory protective devices. This configuration will test the integrity of the mask or respirator to ensure that the high-level protective factors can be tested, The integrated aerosol rod and aerosol generator can be used to accurately find the hard to find leakage and quickly evaluate whether it needs to be repaired or directly scrap the mask or respirator, Mita can identify the parts of the mask or respirator being tested that need to be repaired. To achieve the above purpose, the operator uses an aerosol rod to direct the concentrated particle flow to a location near the mask to accurately find the leakage. At this time, the instrument will test a sudden concentration rise and remind the operator, 1n this way, the repair of masks can be completed on the spot.

some masks have other potential weak links, including sealing surface, expiratory valve and drinking pipe (used for nuclear, biochemical and protective masks). Mita can test the integrity of all the above links. Mita can test the integrity of 8020m and 8020m, The mask interface kit is suitable for respirators of all mainstream manufacturers including Avon, Draeger, Scott, 3M and MSA. Up to 4000 sets of mask test results can be stored in the same internal memory and downloaded to the computer later. Mita and portacount are compatible and easy to operate, 1t also includes an easy to read display, which can provide an intuitive detection sequence. The operator does not need a lot of training to carry out mask integrity test, and Mita’s menu structure eliminates the risk caused by using errors or redundant keys. 1n terms of efficiency, this instrument has set an industry benchmark: under the condition of ensuring quality, Up to 12-20 masks can be tested per hour

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