Two consecutive natural gas leakage accidents in a residential area in Ningbo

two natural gas leaks occurred in a single night in the second phase of granyuntian, located in the middle of Maocheng Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, one of which caused an explosion. Fortunately, one person was only slightly injured, and it didn’t matter

at 20:37 on February 18, Ningbo Yinzhou fire brigade received the alarm that the natural gas leakage and explosion occurred in the second phase of granyuntian. After receiving the alarm, 3 fire engines and 15 fire officers and soldiers were immediately dispatched to the rescue. At 20:52, after arriving at the scene, it was found that the downstairs were all broken glass and doors and windows. The room was blown up in a mess. The balcony and door collapsed. All the doors, windows and frames in the north and South exploded and rushed to the opposite road, smashing four cars in the community

according to Mr. Shi, a neighbor, everyone was asleep when they heard a loud noise and the whole building vibrated. When they came out to have a look, they found that it was the explosion next door, so they immediately carried out self-help and called the police

the head of the household is a foreign businessman named Dave. According to Dave, he smelled a smell similar to natural gas at the time of the incident, but he didn’t care much about it and went to cook. The kitchen exploded less than two minutes after cooking. Fortunately, at the time of the explosion, Dave was watching TV in the living room, and a wall blocked the blast wave. The personnel were slightly injured, which was not serious

according to Miss Wang, Dave’s translator, although he has lived in China for two years, he doesn’t know much about Chinese, and he also explores the precautions for the use of pipeline gas. Fortunately, there is not much damage this time

1 would like to remind foreign friends that if you come to live in Ningbo for a long time, you’d better fully understand the gas and electrical equipment that are easy to cause accidents, and ask local friends for on-site guidance. After all, the situation is different between countries. At the same time, if there are foreign guests, 1 hope you can do a good job of relevant guidance in advance to avoid accidents

at 22:59 PM that day, Yinzhou fire brigade received another alarm: natural gas leakage occurred on No. 259, phase 11 of granyuntian. When the firefighters arrived at the scene, the gas company’s repair personnel had repaired the leaking pipeline

according to Mr. Qiu, the head of household, his wife smelled the smell of natural gas at about 19:00, and then turned off the natural gas and power. But when Mr. Qiu came back at 22:00, the smell of natural gas was very strong, so he called the police immediately

it is understood that the two natural gas leaks were caused by the aging of valves and pipelines

the fire department reminds the masses that both natural gas and gas have unique odor. 1f you smell a bad smell, never turn on the light, make a phone call, rub clothes, etc. once this gas reaches the critical value of explosion, a little Mars will cause an explosion

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