Two deaths and six injuries caused by gas leakage from a nickel iron mine in Qinghai Province

in the early morning of June 7, a nickel iron ore poisoning accident occurred in Ping’an County, Haidong City, Qinghai Province, causing two deaths and six injuries. According to the preliminary identification, this incident is an acute hydrogen sulfide poisoning accident

according to the official information of Ping’an County, the enterprise involved in the accident was Qinghai Xinhai Resources Development Co., Ltd. a toxic gas leakage accident occurred at about 1 am in the leaching workshop of Yuanshishan nickel iron ore district. Eight people were poisoned, two of them died, one with severe poisoning symptoms was sent to Qinghai Provincial People’s Hospital for treatment, and the other five were treated in Haidong hospital. At present, their vital signs are stable

it is understood that at about 1:00 a.m. that day, two workers on duty in the leaching workshop of Yuanshishan nickel iron ore area of Qinghai Xinhai Resources Development Co., Ltd. lost contact. Then, six workers went to check the situation, and poisoning occurred successively

“we went in to save people. Within a minute, everyone felt very uncomfortable. 1 crawled out to report the news.” He Yuerong, who witnessed the accident, said

Xu Changliang was one of the victims of the accident. At about 7 o’clock that day, he was transferred from Haidong people’s hospital to Qinghai People’s Hospital for treatment. At 10 am, Xu Changliang was sent to the hospital hyperbaric oxygen chamber for treatment” At 3 a.m., 1 received a phone call from the people working in the mine in the village, saying that Xu Changliang was poisoned and was very serious. 1 asked my family to go to Haidong hospital as soon as possible. ” Xu Changliang’s Uncle Xu Deqing told CNK1, “when 1 went to the hospital, 1 was in a coma all the time. 1 was sent to the provincial hospital in the morning. 1 was very anxious!”

“1’m only 22 years old, so nothing can happen!” Xu Changshou, Xu Changliang’s father, has been mumbling to himself

after the accident, the relevant departments and leaders of the province paid attention to it. The main leaders of Haidong municipal Party committee and municipal government and the main leaders of Ping’an County Party committee and county government rushed to the scene to deal with the accident and visit the poisoned wounded respectively. Ping’an County held an emergency meeting to launch the emergency plan, and set up a Yuanshishan nickel iron mine safety accident disposal leading group with Wang Yuanlai as the leader, Liu GU1YAO as the executive deputy head of the county government, Shen Yanzhao as the publicity Minister of the county Party committee, Yang Fasheng as the deputy head of the county government, and the main responsible persons of relevant departments as the members, We should be realistic and strictly investigate the responsibility of the accident, order the enterprise to stop production for rectification and investigate the potential safety hazards

tips: protective equipment must be equipped for limited space operations such as inter plant, tank car and underground to prevent poisoning

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