two employees of Shanghai Secco died due to hypoxia and suffocation

The reporter learned from Shanghai emergency management bureau that a production safety accident happened in Shanghai Secco company, and two people died. According to the relevant personnel of Shanghai Emergency Management Bureau, about 9:00 a.m. on November 26, two personnel of Shanghai Secco company were doing maintenance work. Unexpectedly, they suddenly developed symptoms of anoxia and asphyxia. After the incident, the rescue personnel rescued the two people and sent them to the hospital for rescue. Unfortunately, at about 20 o’clock last night (November 26), doctors declared that the rescue was invalid and the two people died. At present, Shanghai Emergency Management Bureau has established an accident investigation team with relevant departments and carried out accident investigation. The exact cause and process of the accident are still under investigation. Previously, we have reported several accidents in production safety, which are often related to the operation in the restricted environment. 1n some semi enclosed space construction site, construction personnel should do a good job in ventilation and investigation of limited space operation. Generally speaking, all closed or semi closed places and facilities such as pipes, flue, sewer, ditch, well, pool culvert hole, tower, furnace, tank car and tank car are called limited space. Before entering the confined space, the concentration of oxygen, combustible gas and toxic gas in the confined space should be detected and evaluated; And arrange the guardians to help accompany, check and implement the safety measures together, and analyze the gas content in the space; 1f the operation time exceeds 2 hours, the analysis must be carried out again. 1n addition, operators and guardians must have received such professional training, have experience in judging and handling emergencies, and be familiar with the working area environment; Before taking up the post, we should carry out the safety operation training, and enter the mind and heart

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