Two essential conditions of safety rope

Safety rope is a kind of protective equipment to prevent workers from falling. Because the higher the falling height is, the greater the impact force is. Therefore, the safety rope must have the following two basic conditions:

(1) it must have enough strength to bear the impact force when the human body falls;

(2) it can prevent the human body from falling to a certain limit that can cause injury (that is, it should be able to pick up the human body before this limit, and it will not fall down). What needs to be explained is that when the human body falls down from a height, if it exceeds a certain limit, even if the human body is pulled by the rope, the impact force is too large, it will cause internal organs injury and death. Therefore, the length of the rope should not be too long, and there should be a certain limit.

safety ropes usually have two strength indexes, namely tensile strength and impact strength. The national standard of safety rope requires that the tensile strength (ultimate tensile force) of the safety belt and its string must be greater than the longitudinal tensile force caused by the weight of human body in the direction of falling.

in terms of impact strength, it is required that the impact strength of safety ropes and accessories must be able to withstand the impact force caused by the human body falling to the falling direction. Generally, the impact force is mainly determined by the weight of the person who falls and the fall distance (i.e. impact distance), which is closely related to the length of the safety rope. The longer the rope, the greater the impact distance and the greater the impact force. The theory proves that the human body will be injured when it is impacted by 900 kg. Therefore, the hanging length of safety rope should be limited in the shortest range on the premise of ensuring operation activities

according to the national standard, the rope length of safety rope is set as 0.5-3m according to different uses. For example, if the safety belt is suspended at high altitude, the rope length is 3M, and 84kg weight is dropped, the impact load can reach 6.5n, and the impact force is still about one third from the injury, which can ensure safety

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