Two “highly toxic” chemical barrels are found near Dongpu reservoir in Hefei

At about 11:30 yesterday, 2 kilometers north of Shushan road crossing of Hefei Ring Expressway, inspectors found two chemical barrels lying on the emergency lane. They could smell the pungent odor every 10 meters. According to the label on the barrel body, they suspected that there were serious poisons in it, so they called the police immediately. The chemical barrel was found near Dongpu reservoir. Due to the uncertainty of the properties of the materials in the barrels, the relevant departments did not dare to act rashly. 1t was not until 19:50 that Wushan solid waste treatment center transported the two chemical barrels away for storage< According to the introduction, at about 11:30 on the same day, when the inspectors arrived at 2 km north of Shushan road crossing on the Huainan side of Hefei Ring Expressway, they found that there were two blue chemical buckets lying upside down on the emergency lane of the expressway. The two barrels have the same specifications, about 1m in height and 0.5m in diameter, and are all covered with a lid. On one of the chemical barrels, the words "hydrazine hydrate", "corrosion" and "toxic" were written. The inspectors tried to come close and observe. When they were 10 meters away from the two barrels, they could smell the strong smell of pungent ammonia the location of the incident is extremely sensitive. Not far from its north side is the Dongpu reservoir. Moreover, the highway where the chemical barrel is located is a north-south canal under the subgrade, and the flow direction of the canal can not be determined for a moment [treatment] the fire department first diluted and then set up a warning a large number of disposal personnel such as the district public security, Jinggang police station, Jinggang fire squadron rushed to the scene. According to Jiang Tao, the squadron leader of Jinggang fire squadron, when the firefighters arrived at the scene, there was still liquid in the fallen chemical barrel, slowly leaking out through the gap of the lid, and the smell was pungent the firefighters immediately straightened the barrel, and then noticed that the label on the barrel was scratched, which was suspected to be “hydrazine hydrate”. Hydrazine hydrate is a kind of chemical raw material, which has toxicity, strong corrosiveness and spontaneous combustion. Jiang Tao told reporters that in order to prevent the leakage of liquid in the barrel, the fire department diluted the ground for the first time and set up a guard at the scene. Firefighters then dial 110 to report the situation to other relevant departments it took 8 hours to transport it away after that, Hefei safety supervision department intervened and coordinated the disposal. At about 15:00, the testing station of Hefei Environmental Protection Bureau sent technicians to the scene to take liquid samples from the barrel and take them back to the Environmental Protection Bureau for testing. Later, Hefei Wushan solid waste disposal Co., Ltd. received a notice from Hefei Environmental Protection Bureau, and sent personnel to the scene for disposal, “saying that the company did not have the ability to dispose of this kind of thing, and went back without taking it away.” at about 17:00, the leader of Shushan Environmental Protection Bureau came to the scene again with relevant department personnel. According to the report of Hefei Environmental Protection Bureau, the unknown liquid in the chemical barrel was initially identified as pesticide waste residue. Contacted by Hefei emergency response office and other relevant departments, at 19:40, the hazardous chemicals transport vehicle of Wushan solid waste disposal company returned to the site again. Three staff members put on chemical protective clothing, transported two chemical barrels onto the vehicle and took them back to the company for storage the reporter calculated that it took more than 8 hours from the discovery of the two chemical barrels to their transportation. According to relevant personnel, the two chemical barrels are likely to have been deliberately thrown here this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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