Two migrant workers in Wuhan were injured when they pushed the wall without safety helmet and construction baffle

Recently, when an old house in Minglun main street of Wuchang was demolished, the wall rebounded and collapsed, injuring two migrant workers at the scene

Mr. Wang, a witness, said that at about 4 pm, four migrant workers demolished the wall here. All of a sudden, a wall fell down and two migrant workers were crushed to the ground. The other two people immediately ran over, planed the loose bricks and rescued the person, but the injured could hardly speak, and there were many bloodstains on his body. Then, 120 came to rescue

it is understood that this row of facade was built in the 1950s, which is very old. When the migrant workers demolished the wall, they did not wear safety helmets, nor did they set baffles on the periphery, and directly climbed up to the roof to uncover the tiles. Some of them will pull down the wall with a hammer, and dust will rise everywhere, which makes people worried” 1t’s dangerous to tear down the wall like this Many neighborhoods advised migrant workers to be careful, but to no avail

one of the injured was Wang with a right leg fracture and the other was slightly injured. When the wall was demolished, four migrant workers pushed the wall on the same side. Due to the inaccurate estimation of the thickness and firmness of the wall, they did not push it down after several times, but the root of the wall was loose. 1n this way, when pushing the wall for the last time, the whole wall suddenly rebounded and fell down in the direction where the migrant workers were standing. Master Wang and the other ran a little slower, but unfortunately they were injured by bricks

according to the doctor, the injured is not life-threatening, but still needs to be hospitalized for observation(China labor insurance net)

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