Two people died due to dereliction of duty by a safety supervisor in Shaanxi Province

justice net, May 10, Shaanxi (correspondent Xu Xinfa) – as a government safety production supervisor, he did not seriously perform the responsibility of safety production supervision and management, and was seriously irresponsible in the supervision and inspection of safety production, which eventually led to production accidents and two deaths. Recently, the Hanyin County procuratorate for suspected dereliction of duty will be the county tiefosi town production safety supervisor Fang on file for investigation

on December 18 last year, a roof fall accident occurred in Changgou gold mine in tiefosi Town, Hanyin County, resulting in the death of two workers. After getting the clue of the case, the anti – desecration Bureau of Hanyin County procuratorate quickly launched a preliminary investigation. Through preliminary investigation, it is found that: in the production operation of Changgou gold mine for nearly a year, employees without qualification of safety production personnel have been pretending to be qualified safety personnel, while Fang has been perfunctory, seriously irresponsible and not strictly checking the qualification of safety personnel in accordance with relevant regulations in many times of safety production inspection, resulting in that the mine has been producing without safety personnel, Eventually led to the mine disaster

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