Two way commitment of enterprise legal person to work safety

1n order to promote the overall implementation of the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, accelerate the construction of safety production credit system. A few days ago, the office of Zaoyang municipal Safety Committee of Hubei Province issued the notice on printing and distributing the implementation plan of “two-way commitment” for enterprise safety production, and deployed to carry out “two-way commitment” activities for enterprise safety production in high-risk industries and enterprises above Designated Size in Zaoyang City, with the main content of “enterprise legal person’s commitment to the supervision department and enterprise employees”

the notice proposes that by the end of 2014, Zaoyang City will basically establish a work mode of work safety integrity which is trustworthy for enterprises and trusted by regulatory departments and enterprise employees, and fully implement the main responsibility of work safety for enterprises, that is, the relevant provisions and responsibilities required by relevant national laws and regulations on work safety for enterprises, The necessary conditions for safe production, the industry standards that should be met, and the legal responsibilities that should be borne should be fully implemented, so as to effectively improve the level of intrinsic safety of enterprises and effectively prevent and contain all kinds of production safety accidents

the notice clearly states that the “two-way commitment” activity adheres to the principle of “territorial management, Department oriented, and effectiveness oriented”. The industry competent department is responsible for the enterprises in its own industry, and the town (office, district) is responsible for the enterprises above designated size without industry competent department in its jurisdiction. The activity is divided into three steps: the first step, from April 15 to May 31, to carry out the investigation, and formulate the enterprise safety production commitment respectively; The second step is to organize the signing of the letter of commitment from June 1 to June 30; The third step, from July 1 to December 31, is to supervise the implementation of enterprise commitments

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