Two wear for climbing work

a few days ago, China labor protection net paid attention to the violation of the law that the workers working on the elevation of a construction site in the sea area did not wear the safety belt, and even omitted the safety helmet, and the relevant units responded quickly

at present, all climbing operators in this site wear safety helmets and safety belts, and even the ground commanders wear safety helmets, and there is no “probe” board on the working surface. 1t’s just that there’s a safety rope behind it, which makes the climbing operators look very unaccustomed due to limited movement. 1f you look at other construction sites nearby, it’s the same. A few days ago, the common “two don’t wear” state of operators has disappeared

there are still several months to go before the completion of the work stoppage. 1t remains to be seen whether the safety regulations can be strictly followed during this period, rather than just putting on a temporary show to prevaricate media attention. Once everything is done according to the rules, it may affect efficiency and benefit, but it is no doubt putting the cart before the horse to exchange life and health for efficiency and benefit

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