Two women workers remembered the details of the fire drill and saved their lives at the critical moment

On October 30, after treatment, Ms. Zhou of Huangyan returned home yesterday to recuperate. Just two days ago, a fire broke out in her factory and she and another female colleague were trapped in an office on the third floor. Extremely dangerous situation, two people think of the usual fire drill to learn the knowledge, and ultimately survived

at 12:00 on October 28, the motorcycle parts processing workshop of a plastic factory in Chengjiang industrial zone of Huangyan caught fire, and the pungent smell of burning plastic was all around

at that time, Ms. Zhou was working in the office on the third floor. When she found that there was a fire, she and another female colleague snatched out some important information and threw it downstairs. When they were ready to open the door and run away, they found that it was dark outside and there was no way out

“let’s go back to the office and close the door to reduce the smoke.” Ms. Zhou recalled that at that time, a colleague chose to jump from a building to escape, but she and a female colleague chose to stay in the office” 1f the building is too high and it’s too dangerous to jump, it’s better to wait for rescue. “

just a while ago, the factory organized a fire safety drill. At this juncture, Ms. Zhou and her colleagues remembered what they learned during the drill” Fire is often toxic smoke inhalation leading to suffocation death, so the first time to wet the towel with water to cover the mouth and nose

however, there is no towel in the office and the bathroom is still across the corridor. What should we do

“it’s not a big problem without a towel. 1 took off a thin sweater and my colleagues took off their clothes. As for the source of water, we thought of using saliva or urine… But at that time, the building was hot, people were very thirsty, and in a very anxious mood, they could not spit out water at all, let alone urinate. ” Ms. Zhou said

at the critical moment, Ms. Zhou heard the sound of “Zizi” rushing out of the window and quickly opened the window. Although this action made the smoke from downstairs pour into the house, it also made the water sprayed by firemen shoot into the house” We quickly pick up the water with our clothes, then cover our nose and mouth and lie on the ground. 1n this way, the smoke is all over us, and with the filtering effect of wet clothes, we won’t be choked. “

it lasted nearly half an hour, until the firemen successfully used the climbing car to forcibly enter the building, Ms. Zhou and her colleagues were rescued

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