Two workers hanging high buildings in Leshan City

at noon on April 25, a power failure occurred at a construction site in the downtown area of Leshan. Four workers who were painting walls on the 22nd and 26th floors were trapped in two hanging baskets. Because the hanging basket on the 22nd floor was close to the window, two of the workers got out of trouble, while the hanging basket on the 26th floor was far away from the window, the other two workers had to call for help from their companions. Due to the lack of safety protection equipment, we are helpless, a worker on the site immediately called 119

at about 11 noon, Bailu road squadron of Leshan fire brigade arrived at the scene after receiving the alarm and found that two hanging baskets were hanging on the outer wall of a building under construction, and two workers with safety helmets were squatting in the higher hanging basket

the fire officers and soldiers immediately went to the floor where the two trapped workers were located with the police. They found that the horizontal distance between the hanging basket and the nearest window was more than one meter. The fire officers and soldiers decided to use this window for rescue. At this time, a trapped worker suddenly climbed up along the rope of the hanging basket. Due to the high floor and no safety protection, the fire officers and soldiers immediately advised him to return to the hanging basket. Then, a fire officer and soldier put on protective equipment, slid down to the basket with a rope, and tied the rope to the trapped workers. When everything was ready, the rescue officers and soldiers in the house and the workers pulled the two trapped workers up together

according to the introduction, there was a power failure in the site before, but before the power failure, we usually received a notice in advance, but today the power was cut off very suddenly. As there was no standby power supply on the construction site, it was raining and the building was high and windy, so we had to comfort the trapped workers while waiting for the rescue of the fire officers and soldiers

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