Two workers killed in roof fall and collapse of Liancheng No.1 mine

Where’s dad? When the child asked, Ms. Guo’s heart was stabbed. Her husband, amang (a pseudonym), is separated from her child

on June 24, 2014, a Mang and his worker Xiaobo (pseudonym) were working under a mine in Liancheng, Longyan, Fujian Province, when the mine suddenly collapsed, and they were buried by boulders

after more than 10 hours of rescue, they were found, but both of them were dead. At present, the relevant departments have been involved in the investigation of the cause of the accident


incident: underground operation, suddenly collapsed

the mining area of dakengwei of LiNbO Coal Mine Co., Ltd. in Gechuan Township, was closed on the afternoon of the 25th

on the morning of the 24th, amang and Xiaobo went in from the entrance of the mine and came to 110 meters underground. Here, there is a shaft which needs to be reinforced

the leader of the team that day was Li Shuiyan. He said that the shaft was just dug in April this year. After excavation, preliminary reinforcement was carried out. Workers with each more than 10 cm thick stick, set up a trapezoidal support< However, the temporary support is not very strong. To ensure the safety of roadway, permanent support must be carried out on the same day, Li Shuiyan took a group of 4 people to prepare for grouting the rock wall of the shaft and roadway for permanent support. Amang and Xiaobo are responsible for grouting, and the other two workers are responsible for mixing Li Shuiyan said that at about 11:00 noon that day, he was temporarily busy and left the alley. Not long after leaving, the roadway collapsed the location of the collapse is about 4.5m long, 3.5m wide and 2m high. Rocks roll down and block the mine unfortunately: the boulder pressed down and two people died Li Shuiyan didn’t see the collapse with his own eyes. But Ma, the worker in charge of mixing mortar, passed by death. At that time, Ma and another worker were several meters away from amang and Xiaobo there was a sign before the rock collapse. When Ma was working, he suddenly dropped a small stone from his head. This small stone fell on Ma’s back. After being hit by a stone, Ma subconsciously dodged however, just a few seconds after the small stones fell, a large area of rock strata collapsed. Ma and another worker were not hit, and rushed out of the mine. Amang and Xiaobo, who are responsible for grouting, are missing after that, the mine owner immediately called for workers to reinforce the collapse again, and went into the mine to find the missing amang and Xiaobo. After the search failed, it was confirmed that the two people were buried in the landslide subsequently, relevant government departments also received reports. Liancheng County Party committee and government attached great importance to it, and the main leaders rushed to the scene to command the rescue immediately the workers shoveled away the collapsed soil with shovels. Under a huge stone weighing about 5 tons, they found amang and Xiaobo pressed. Jack can’t lift this huge rock therefore, the workers demolished the boulder. At about 11 pm that night, two workers were rescued, but they were dead. According to the family members of the dead, when the worker was carried out, he suffered multiple fractures and brain burst ask whether the wood support is enough to resist the pressure< 1t is reported that LiNbO coal mine obtained the safety production license in March this year. For the accident, Luo, one of the company's shareholders, said that the safety measures of the mine were in place, but somehow it collapsed. The collapsed boulder was not exposed on the surface of the mine strata according to a person familiar with the matter, four wooden supports were broken after the huge rock collapsed” The pressure bearing capacity of the wooden support is not enough, and the huge rock is easy to be broken after it collapses, so it is too late for the workers to escape. ” The person familiar with the matter said according to the insiders, it is not forbidden to use wooden support to reinforce the roadway. Many mines have adopted this temporary reinforcement method. However, the inside of the shaft is relatively wet, and the wood is affected by damp underground, which is easy to be “softened”, and the bearing capacity will be weakened industry insiders say that steel support is still used as a relatively stable temporary reinforcement method, but this kind of temporary reinforcement method is not widely used because of its high cost and high technical requirements at present, the specific cause of the accident has been investigated by relevant departments of Longyan city. Liancheng Coal Management Bureau also carried out safety inspection in the whole county close up the child asked his father where he was several times the dead amang was 38 years old and the dead Xiaobo was 33 years old. They were both from Beituan Town, Liancheng County on the 25th, Mrs. Guo, a Mang’s wife, was in the process of dealing with her future affairs. Her eyes were red with tears. She said that her husband is the pillar of the family. There is an old mother-in-law and a 9-year-old son in the family, who mainly relies on amang to work to maintain the family last year, amang’s family built a new three story building, which cost the family’s savings. 1n the past year, Armand has been greedy from morning to night and wants to make more money Xiaoyang, a 9-year-old son, has a very good relationship with his father. Ms. Guo said that every time amang came home from work, he would buy a lot of snacks for his son. Every evening after school, Xiao Yang always likes to call his father the son will say to his father, “Dad, where are you? Go home early in the evening.” Speaking of this, Ms. Guo said with tears in her eyes that after the incident, she kept the news of her husband’s death from her son” My son has a final exam on Friday, so 1 don’t want to distract him. ” Ms. Guo said that her husband amang is most concerned about his son’s study. “1f he lives, he will not let his son affect his study because of him, so…” in fact, Ms. Guo does not know how to tell this fact to her children. She said that the day before yesterday and the day before yesterday, her son asked her several times, “where’s dad? Why don’t you go home?” Ms. Guo did not dare to look at her son, but turned her back and said, “Dad has something to do…” our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by the 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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