UK consumer market meets cold winter again

as a well-known website providing price comparison for consumers, uSwitch has released a survey recently, which shows that three-quarters of the 50 million consumers in the UK have entered a “depressed October” due to the increase in daily living expenses and no increase in wages. They are unable to make ends meet or can only maintain a balance of income and expenditure, and are forced to cut back their expenses for the winter

it is reported that more than half of the respondents received the same salary in October, and 93% of the households received more daily expenses bills in October. 18%, or about 9 million people, spend more than their income this month, and 57% can only make ends meet

one of the reasons for this dilemma is the rise in prices. According to official statistics released earlier this week, the price of clothing and shoes rose for the first time in 18 years, with bread and breakfast cereals rising one after another, possibly driving up the prices of meat, dairy products and eggs. 1n addition, the British government plans to increase the value-added tax from the current 17.5% to 20% from January next year, which means that the prices of all kinds of goods will rise. Robinson, head of consumer policy at uSwitch, said on the 19th that for consumers, 2.5% increase in VAT will make things worse

“last year, the British were miserable but rich; This year, we are miserable and poor. ” Robinson said, “in some countries, people work to live; 1n the UK, consumers live to work. “

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