under the pressure of environmental protection, textile printing and dyeing enterprises are facing a dilemma

At present, the national environmental protection supervision has been carried out for three rounds nationwide, and the limelight has not decreased. At the same time, provincial, municipal, county and multi-level environmental protection inspections were carried out in all areas. Under the heavy pressure of environmental protection, wherever the storm hit, including the textile printing and dyeing industry, large areas of enterprises were cut off from water and electricity, workers were out of work, and families were worried about their livelihood! 1t’s a little sad. 1n Sanhe City, Hebei Province, there are some business owners and employees pulling banners to protest

some textile enterprise owners lament that there is nothing wrong with the strict investigation of environmental protection, but in the current situation of reducing production capacity and soaring raw materials, the sports and one size fits all environmental protection has gradually changed, and a massive “action to protect the blue sky” has become the lament of numerous private enterprises. We are afraid that every morning when the sun rises, police cars, law enforcement vehicles, even plain clothes and even Drones will be deployed outside the factory

small and medium-sized textile enterprises stop production and lose their jobs in a large area, and the people are boiling with resentment

many small and medium-sized textile enterprise owners are all under the pressure of factories, and countless workers are bearing the huge pressure of housing loans, car loans, supporting their families and providing for the aged. The government has adopted a one size fits all rectification, so that many pollution-free enterprises have been forced to shut down, and even the small shops making tofu and breakfast have been closed down. For a while, it caused a stir of public resentment

some enterprises said:

the environmental governance advocated by the government is in line with the actual people’s livelihood, but it is necessary to guide enterprises to transform in a reasonable and orderly way, so that people can not see people from government departments like devils coming into the village. Now which large and small chemical enterprises are not locked

it can’t be said that it’s the manufacturer’s fault. Some law enforcement officers are really barbaric. They don’t have the right to speak. The environment needs to be sorted out. Does it also need a process

policies need to be continuous. Today’s policy is waiting for you to invest and rectify; There will be another policy tomorrow, and the last rectification will not work! Each department is the same. No one dares to declare his position. For the sake of his own black hat, he will do what he says and “close” it! 1n fact, it is lazy politics and inaction

some private enterprises feel that they have been treated unfairly, saying:

if Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei are polluted, they will control the surrounding areas, just like human body. Food is enjoyed by the mouth, disease is shared by other organs

they are all the masters of taking chicken feathers as the arrow. So many large polluting enterprises, such as chemical plants, thermal power plants and steel plants, do not care. What is their intention to focus on private enterprises

in order to protect the environment, we must start from the source, instead of burning coal, shut down the coal mines, shut down the tobacco plants, and kill PetroChina and Sinopec. Take Tianjin as an example, thousands of small and micro chemical enterprises in various districts have been closed down, and how many people are unemployed? What level of government or department wants to do with their life

some enterprise employees also said with deep concern:

the land has been transferred and the factories have been closed down. 1 don’t know what the future will be like for the common people. How can we solve the problems of children’s schooling, elderly support and even basic food and clothing

with such governance, the society will be more chaotic. How many factories and enterprises have been closed, how many workers have been laid off, how many children need to go to school, and how many parents need to be well cared for

nowadays, most of the self-employed small businesses are born in the 1970s and 1980s. They are responsible for the livelihood of three generations of the whole family. How can we live in such a one size fits all manner

in fact, many owners of private enterprises have made a lot of criticisms about this kind of environmental storm marked with “one size fits all, sports style”. One of the most frustrated business owners said:

in November last year, the Environmental Protection Bureau claimed that coal-fired boilers must be equipped with filtering devices to ensure that white smoke comes out of the chimney, and they had to pay a fine of 50000 yuan first. When people were nervous about going through the environmental assessment and retrofitting of coal-fired boilers within one month, the environmental protection department claimed to limit production

in February this year, the national conference demanded that all industrial power enterprises must stop production, and no certificates or reports were available. Once investigated and punished, they were detained and fined, so they had to wait for a few days. After the meeting, people rushed to work all night, because the delay was too long. However, just after April 1, people were completely desperate. 1n xiongan New District, all the surrounding enterprises that met the requirements of small pollution were demolished (whether you have a report or not), and the people had to replace all the natural gas furnaces

after five months, the national policy has changed dramatically. Has the state considered the life and death of the people? What do we enterprises do? To open a university in xiong’an New District? Or let our junior high school graduates engage in high and new technology? 1 want to laugh when 1 think about it… But 1 can’t laugh

of course, there are rational voices:

the central government’s policy is good. 1n order to control environmental pollution, there are only problems in methods and measures. We can’t cut across the board. 1t’s not the way to shut down so many enterprises

under the background of the era when the state vigorously carries out environmental protection renovation, the loud cry of these private enterprise owners obviously can not change the direction of this historical torrent. However, the common people need to breathe and make a living. We also ask the relevant authorities to seriously investigate the loss of private enterprise owners and the survival of employees while carrying out environmental remediation

small and medium-sized enterprises have been severely damaged, and the tragedy is still unfolding…

according to the statistics of relevant national departments, there are 40 million small and medium-sized enterprises in China, accounting for 99% of the total number of enterprises, contributing 60% of China’s GDP, 50% of taxes and 80% of urban employment. Similarly, in the world, small and medium-sized enterprises are the main force of a country’s economy and the most valued group. 1n the EU, there are more than 20 million SMEs, accounting for 99.8% of the total number of EU enterprises. 92.2% of them are micro enterprises with less than 10 employees< 1n the past two years, Premier Li Keqiang's proposal of "entrepreneurship for all and innovation for all" is also a kind of training for innovative small, medium and micro enterprises. Therefore, 1 hope that the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises will not belittle themselves. China's economic development ultimately depends on small and medium-sized enterprises since 2016-2017, in the context of de capacity and supply side reform, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, including the textile printing and dyeing industry, have become the target of de capacity, especially in the case of haze, small and medium-sized enterprises have been shut down across the board last year’s price rise in the chemical market was not driven by the recovery of demand, but more like the price rise triggered by the sudden concentration of upstream material enterprises’ production capacity caused by environmental protection and de capacity. This explosive price rise is difficult to transmit to the terminal enterprises, which makes many small and medium-sized chemical enterprises in the middle stream collapse due to the rupture of capital chain, order transfer and other reasons the official Xinhua news agency and the CEO of the chemical giant questioned the “environmental storm” across the board at present, the central environmental protection supervision is vigorously carried out, and has seen remarkable results. However, from the perspective of economic development, there have been restrictions on the acceleration of the economy. How can we have a more harmonious environmental protection policy? How to balance economic, social and environmental benefits more civilly< Not long ago, Li Weicheng, chairman and chief executive officer of Dow Chemical Company, said: "excessive environmental regulation will scare away investors and will not be able to introduce technologies and innovations beneficial to our environmental protection work." then, how to achieve reasonable environmental supervision is worth thinking deeply under the background of the era when the state vigorously carries out environmental protection renovation, the loud cry of these business owners obviously can not change the direction of this historical torrent. But the common people need to breathe and make a living. We also ask the relevant departments to conduct serious research while carrying out environmental protection renovation, especially the survival of small and medium-sized private chemical enterprises and employees in fact, as early as April this year, an article of Xinhua news agency called “environmental protection control can not be” one size fits all “questioned the” one size fits all “of environmental protection supervision the article points out that a good air pollution control battle is not only a political task and a popular project, but also a booster to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and realize cleaner production. A Provincial 1ndustrial Authority recently found that some places were implementing environmental protection control measures, regardless of whether the enterprises reached the target of environmental protection, all of them failed to implement peak load regulation, and some enterprises that were up to standard were shut down for 4 months. 1n view of this phenomenon, industry experts believe that environmental management and control should be carried out accurately to create a good management and control orientation according to the article of Xinhua news agency, it is the simplest and most convenient way to implement “one size fits all” environmental protection management and control, and it is also very effective for alleviating sudden haze weather. But for promoting the coordinated development of environmental protection and economy, and for carrying out a long-term and tough battle to control air pollution, the measures need to be further improved good environmental control measures are the wind vane of enterprise transformation and upgrading. We should strictly implement the national environmental protection standards, guide and promote enterprises to eliminate backward processes and production capacity, and achieve cleaner production and emission up to standard. Give strong support to the enterprises that meet the environmental protection standards, promote their healthy development and seize the market opportunities; Enterprises that fail to meet the environmental protection standards should be resolutely rectified to promote their transformation and upgrading, otherwise they will be shut down. 1f the same control measures are implemented without distinction, it is difficult to play the role of survival of the fittest many places have put forward the goal of “ensuring more than half of the fine weather in one year”, which is naturally a good thing. However, if we do not change the production mode of enterprises with high energy consumption and high pollution, without regional collaborative governance and strict supervision and accountability, it may also be an extravagant hope to achieve a fundamental improvement in air quality everyone is responsible for controlling air pollution, the public should participate, enterprises should take responsibility, and the responsibility of government management departments is even more important. 1t should not only have medium-term and short-term goals, but also have specific measures to reward the good and punish the bad, so as to prevent the adverse elimination of “those who fail to perform their duties are lenient and those who perform their duties are strict”< How should enterprises deal with environmental supervision during environmental protection supervision, we usually check the following contents: 1. Production situation of the enterprise industry and main products of the enterprise products and production capacity of last month, and whether there is operation of each line. Whether the owner of the enterprise has illegal construction and whether the E1A is consistent. Whether there are new pollutants such as waste gas, waste water and solid waste 2. 1mplementation of enterprise environmental protection whether the project has fulfilled the E1A procedures in accordance with the law, and check the E1A documents and E1A replies( Environmental law enforcement personnel or inspectors come to the enterprise or environmental protection bureau to check the E1A documents, check whether the pollution control measures on the project site are generally consistent with the E1A, and whether the E1A documents (E1A public reference) involve fraud( be careful! Punishment of environmental protection fraud in the judicial interpretation of environmental protection of the two high levels: if an environmental impact assessment institution or its personnel intentionally provides false environmental impact assessment documents, if the circumstances are serious, or if they are seriously irresponsible, and if the environmental impact assessment documents issued are seriously untrue, resulting in serious consequences, the provisions of article 229 and article 231 of the criminal law shall be followed, To be convicted and punished for the crime of providing false documents of proof or the crime of producing material false documents of proof.) check whether the nature of the project, production scale, location, adopted production process or adopted pollution control measures are consistent with the E1A and approval documents. 1f the project starts construction five years after the E1A approval, whether to apply for E1A again inspection

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