Under what circumstances do surgeons wear goggles and face masks

1n the second trimester of pregnancy, she suddenly found that she and her husband were both H1V infected. Xiaoli, 26, finally decided to have a baby

yesterday morning, after 38 weeks of pregnancy, she gave birth to her next daughter by caesarean section

in order to ensure safety, Wuhan first hospital started a full set of isolation measures and successfully completed this special operation

at present, whether Xiaoli’s baby is infected with the virus remains to be determined by further examination

when they came to the hospital, they admitted that “we are special”

“one day at the end of last year, a young man came to our hospital and said that his wife was pregnant and wanted to give birth here.” Xu Min, head nurse of Obstetrics Department of Wuhan first hospital, said, “at that time, he looked very careful. He said their situation was” quite special. “

then the young man explained the “special”: Both husband and wife are infected with H1V

it is understood that Xiaoli and her husband Dawei (pseudonym) are from Hubei Province. Before they got pregnant, Xiaoli never wanted to have a test before they got pregnant. The child was four months pregnant before she went to the hospital for her first pregnancy test. This time, she was told that she was H1V positive and needed to be reexamined. After reexamination and confirmation, Xiao Li once had the idea of giving up the child, but her baby has been more than six months. She can move and respond to her parents’ actions, so she can’t give up. Therefore, Xiaoli and Dawei went to the Hubei provincial A1DS clinical guidance and training center in Zhongnan Hospital for help and learned the detailed blocking means

according to doctors, if people with H1V want to get pregnant, they need to do blocking treatment in advance, control the virus activity in the body at zero state, and then prepare for pregnancy to minimize the risk of transmission. Xiaoli knew it too late. Although she started to do blocking treatment from the time she was confirmed to be infected, and the virus activity in her body was not high, her risk of transmitting the virus to her children was still very high

“1 sympathize with them and appreciate their confession.” Head nurse Xu Min told reporters that any infectious disease has its own way of transmission. Patients can tell each other frankly and give medical staff enough time to take the most effective protective measures. “This is also a kind of respect for medical staff and the public

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