under what circumstances do you need to charge a sample fee for making antistatic clothing?

Recently, in the process of communication between our salesmen and customers, we will encounter various problems, such as the style, price, delivery date, making sample clothes and so on, which are difficult problems for the sales that we have just contacted. 1n view of these situations, the company will produce various styles of models. 1f the customer has no specific requirements, he can directly recommend the existing models of the company and quote according to the quotation. This is a relatively simple method

in the process of training, we will have a heated discussion on the collection of sample fees. Maybe you don’t quite understand what the sample fee is. Here’s a brief introduction

some customers may not like the style we provide. They have their own ideal appearance and require to make according to their style, and they also need to make 1-2 sample clothes first. 1n this case, they will not only charge for one piece of clothes, but also the model fee. Due to the production of a new type of anti-static work clothes, the workshop master needs to make boards, which requires a certain technical content and takes time. 1n addition, the amount of cloth is less, so it needs to be purchased in pieces. The cost is much more expensive than that of batch purchase. The amount of auxiliary materials is less, and the price is expensive. All these show that the sample clothes must be charged for model fees, otherwise the production method will lose a lot

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