Understanding the seam method of chemical protective clothing and precautions in use

Seam method of anti chemical clothing:

flat seam: the seam is blocked by interlocking with thread. 1t is a general seam method and is mostly used for making dust-proof protective clothing. The joint mode is more common in light dustproof protective clothing

hemming: use similar fabrics to hold the seams and lock them together. 1t can improve the ability of dustproof and liquid splashing. Seams are more common in light chemical protective clothing

heat sealing of hot-melt adhesive tape: the stitched seams are fused and sealed with hot-melt adhesive tape. Protective clothing for liquid and gas chemicals. Seams are common in medium-sized chemical protective clothing

double layer hot-melt adhesive tape: the double sides of the stitched joint are sealed with hot-melt adhesive tape. 1mprove the protection ability of liquid and gas chemicals. Seams are common in heavy chemical protective clothing

precautions for use of protective clothing:

1. Whether there are stains, holes, cuts or damages on the surface



4. Check the air supply system of protective clothing to ensure that it is connected correctly and works normally


6. Check the function of all buckles, adjusting belts, zippers and zipper accessories

7. Check the warning label of the chemical protective clothing, which is firmly fixed on the chemical protective clothing and can be used easily

8. The cuff of the glove should be in the cuff of the clothes, or a glove adapter should be used to seal the cuff and the glove

9. 1f boots and chemical protective clothing are not integrated design, pants should be covered on the outside of boots to effectively prevent dangerous chemicals from flowing into boots along the clothing

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