Unify the thought, inspire the spirit, change the style of work, pay close attention to the implementation

Wang Xianzheng

(July 28, 2006)


this learning and training class and forum is very rich in content. At the beginning of the meeting, comrade Yizhong, on behalf of the Party group, interpreted and elaborated the spirit of the important speech of the central leadership on work safety, put forward new ideas for team building in view of the new situation and new tasks, and made clear the guiding ideology and key links of the work in the second half of the year. Then, we listened to the tutoring lectures of several experts and scholars, and conducted self-study and group discussion. Yesterday morning, the central group of the Party group studied and discussed the important speech of General Secretary Hu Jintao on the 85th anniversary of the founding of the party and the implementation of the concept of safe development

just now, seven comrades made speeches at the meeting, and talked about some good ideas on how to implement the spirit of the meeting, improve the ideological work level of the safety supervision team, curb the rising trend of accidents in key industries as soon as possible, and resolutely achieve better results in 2006

last night, the comrades of the Party group collectively listened to the reports on the discussion of each group. Judging from the reports and the reactions from various aspects, we all gave a high evaluation of the meeting and Comrade Yizhong’s report. We shared the view that the central idea of the meeting was clear, the problems were handled accurately, the meeting was held in a timely manner, and it was very effective; 1t is believed that the report of Comrade Yizhong has a clear theme and rich connotation, which reflects the in-depth thinking of the Party group of the General Administration of the people’s Republic of China on work safety for a period of time, and is also a summary of the practical experience of the national work safety supervision and coal mine safety supervision system. Everyone said that after going back, we must study and mobilize again, convey the report to every comrade in our unit, unify our thoughts with Comrade Yizhong’s report and the decision-making of the Party group, enhance our understanding, inspire our spirit, change our work style, pay close attention to the implementation, and resolutely complete the tasks set at the meeting< First, we have a deeper understanding of the spirit of the central leadership's important speech, broadened our thinking and improved our realm. We all agreed that the important speeches of general secretary Jintao and Premier Jiabao raised the significance, status and role of work safety to a new height; The five basic arguments put forward by Comrade Yizhong on behalf of the Party group not only accurately grasp the guiding spirit of the central leadership, but also conform to the objective law of safety production in the process of industrialization and the current reality. They are highly theoretical, practical, innovative, and penetrating. Some comrades reported that although the central leadership's speech had been read and studied before, it lacked scientific induction and in-depth thinking. After listening to Comrade Yizhong '. The lectures given by the three experts and scholars were also well received. They generally felt that they broadened their horizons, saw the laws and development prospects of work safety, and enhanced their confidence in doing a good job< The second is to recognize the new situation, new tasks and new requirements, and enhance the sense of urgency of further strengthening the self construction of safety supervision team. For a period of time, we all feel that the work of production safety is arduous and under great pressure. Many comrades have come to realize that the contradiction between the people's strong desire to achieve safety improvement and the current situation of frequent accidents is the main contradiction in the field of production safety. To solve this contradiction, the ideological and political level, policy level, mental state and work style of safety supervision institutions and teams are of great importance. 1n order to adapt to the needs of the situation and tasks and undertake the sacred responsibilities entrusted by the party and the people, we must start from self construction and build a supervision team with reliable politics, excellent style and scientific methods. As some comrades have said, we can only work hard to adapt to the situation and tasks, but we can not adapt the situation and tasks to us. We fully agree with the Party group's appraisal of the current situation of the team building, which fully affirms the mainstream and achievements, and at the same time points out the problems and gaps realistically, and points out some inadaptability, inconformity and imperfection. During the group discussion, many comrades held that: strengthening the four kinds of consciousness of "hardship, practical work, implementation and self-discipline" and establishing the four styles of "diligence, dedication, truth-seeking, resolute, honest and dedication" should be the long-term principles for the style construction of the safety supervision team, with distinctive industry characteristics, strong pertinence and guidance. Comrade Yizhong's exposition on ideological methods and working methods has even inspired us and enhanced our consciousness of grasping tendentious problems, key points, details of work and coordination the third is to recognize the arduousness of the current work task of work safety, and clarify the general idea and key links of the work in the second half of the year. 1n the report, comrade Yizhong analyzed the reasons for the rebound of the accident since May and June, elaborated the importance of doing a good job in the second half of the year, analyzed some unfavorable factors currently faced from the macro-economic level, and put forward the general idea and four key links of the work in the second half of the year. By Studying Comrade Yizhong’s report, we have a clear understanding of the current grim situation and further enhanced our sense of crisis, urgency and responsibility. Comrades from the provincial and regional coal supervision bureaus said that in the second half of the year, four key tasks and two in coal mines must be carried out in accordance with the deployment of the Party group, summing up experience, accepting lessons, strengthening confidence, eliminating interference, and carrying out the two crucial battles of gas control and rectification and closure to the end< The fourth is to enhance the confidence in implementing the opinions of the state office and doing a good job in the management of coal industry closely related to safety production. No. 49 document of the State Office of the people's Republic of China "opinions on issues related to strengthening the management of the coal industry" has adjusted the relevant functions, fully reflecting the high attention of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to the coal mine safety and the coal industry, and meeting the needs of the safe and sustainable development of the coal industry. During the discussion, we expressed: we firmly support the decision-making of the party and the state, are determined to stress politics, the overall situation and discipline in accordance with the requirements of the Party group, strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments, conscientiously and responsibly perform the responsibilities and functions entrusted by the state, and continue to do a good job in all the work that has been deployed, so that this functional adjustment can really play a role in strengthening coal mine safety production and improving the quality of coal mine Promote the healthy development of coal industry in the group discussion, we also put forward some valuable opinions and suggestions from the good wishes of being conducive to the party’s work safety, strengthening and improving safety supervision, and stabilizing the safety situation as soon as possible. There are not only macro suggestions on system, mechanism, legal system and economic policy, but also specific requirements on establishment, funds, office conditions and treatment. The leading group of the party conducted a serious study one by one. The following is a brief description of some issues that we are more concerned about and have more concentrated opinions and suggestions as for the work in the second half of the year, we should adhere to the guiding principle of safety development to lead the work of safety production, implement the policy of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management”, and adhere to the principle of treating both the symptoms and the root causes, moving the pass forward, shifting the focus down, and improving the quality of life We should control hidden dangers and prevent accidents, focus on the four key links of rectification and closure of coal mines, gas control, safety access, and the promotion and application of advanced and applicable technologies, deepen the two key battles of coal mine safety, focus on the special rectification of safety in other industries, further strengthen the construction of supervision and supervision team, and solve the problems that can not be implemented and tightened, Strengthen the pertinence and effectiveness of supervision and supervision work, resolutely complete all tasks in 2006, and lay a solid foundation for realizing the two phased goals of coal mine safety and the goal of safety production during the term of this government< The following eight tasks should be done well: first, deeply study and implement the important speech on work safety of the central leadership, enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency take deeply study and implement the important speech on work safety of general secretary Jintao and Premier Jiabao as the first important task at present and in the future, and do a good job. Using various methods and ways, vigorously publicize the scientific concept and guiding principle of “safe development”; 12 word safety production policy; The basic responsibility system of safety production with two subjects and two responsibility systems as its content; The general plan and method of public order according to law and controlling disorder with emphasis; The mechanism for the masses to widely participate in and supervise the work of production safety. These important ideas and basic arguments should be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so that the work of safety production can be effectively strengthened, and the work of safety production can be promoted in a down-to-earth and effective way by constantly ringing the alarm bell in ideological understanding, strict and effective system guarantee, strong and powerful technical support, strict and meticulous supervision and inspection, and serious and serious accident handling we should pay more attention to the internal learning of the supervision system. Members of leading bodies at all levels, especially the leading comrades in charge, should take the lead in serious study and study. They must thoroughly study the key issues and key points, master the gist and make a thorough understanding of them. On this basis, we should organize the learning of all safety supervision personnel. After the meeting, all units should immediately hold a leading group meeting and a cadre meeting to convey and study the spirit of the meeting. 1t is mainly Comrade Yizhong’s report, which focuses on Comrade Yizhong’s interpretation and elaboration of the five basic arguments, carries out discussions, exchanges ideas, improves the theoretical level of leading cadres and supervisors at all levels, expands the ideological realm, and broadens the working ideas. All units should make a special report on the study and implementation to the Party group of the general administration we should consciously use the spirit of the speech to unify our thinking, improve our understanding, and make great efforts in the implementation. To do a good job in safe production and realize safe development is the objective requirement of implementing the scientific development concept of “people-oriented”, and it is also an important focus and entry point of building a socialist harmonious society. The responsibility of the safety supervision system lies on our shoulders, and we must fulfill the responsibilities entrusted by the party and the people. At the same time, we should also see that the basis of safety production in China is still very weak, and there is a big gap between China and foreign countries in terms of various indicators: the death rate of 100 million yuan GDP accidents is about 10 times that of advanced industrialized countries, the death rate of 100000 people accidents is about 2.5 times, the death rate of one million tons of coal accidents is about 10 times, and the death rate of ten thousand vehicles of road traffic accidents is about 3-5 times. Although some achievements have been made in the first half of the year and in the past period, the trend of frequent accidents in key industries has not been curbed, and the losses of people’s lives and property caused by various accidents are still quite huge. 1n the face of such a grim situation, the leading bodies at all levels of the safety supervision system and every comrade should have a strong sense of responsibility and urgency, establish and strengthen the sense of hardship, and do a better job of supervision and supervision in a more active, responsible and down-to-earth manner. Guided by the spirit of the speech, leading groups at all levels should further clarify their thinking, clarify key points, refine measures, and implement them one by one< Second, do a good job in safety planning and promote the synchronous and coordinated development of safety production and economy and society