United States Unifi company launches flame retardant recycled polyester fiber

recently, Unifi company of the United States launched its first regenerated polyester fiber with permanent flame retardant function, which has been used by momentum textile company of the United States to produce medical privacy curtains

Roger berrier, executive vice president of Unifi, said that in the process of continuously developing the repeve brand series of products, we are aware of the need for such a recycled fiber with flame retardant function in the market. However, this flame retardant recycled polyester fiber, called repeat fr, is not certified by the third party system of scientific certification systems (SCS) and contains no less than 2000 ppm of phosphorus. He said that other polyester fibers of the repeve brand have independently passed SCS’s 100% recycled fiber certification

Eddie Elizondo, marketing manager of momentum group, said that the inherent flame retardant function of repeve fr fiber provides an environmental protection solution for the company to produce medical privacy curtains. Curtain products made of this new fiber have birch and perennial patterns< 1t is reported that this kind of fiber can also be used to make furniture fabrics such as sofa cushions

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