Unlimited security market potential

“with the development of domestic economy and society, people pay more and more attention to their own health, and enterprises pay more and more attention to safety production and occupational health. With this background, China international work safety and Occupational Health Exhibition (COS h) will have a larger scale and more exhibits. ” Feng Peixi, chief executive of Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd., is confident in his exhibition

some data show that there are about 20000 enterprises in the domestic security industry, with more than 1 million employees and an output value of more than 100 billion yuan. 1t is estimated that in the next two years, the average growth rate of revenue of security equipment enterprises will remain between 25% and 30%. Major domestic security equipment enterprises have begun to “show their strength”, and foreign security equipment enterprises are also optimistic about the Chinese market

therefore, even on the last day of COS h, there are still spectators coming in one after another, and the exhibitors have no intention of withdrawing. On site activities, product introduction, live demonstration… All attract the audience and merchants

large scale layout of old enterprises

cos h exhibition is held every two years. Since the first exhibition was held in 2002, this year is the fifth. From the initial new concept exhibition to the large scale now, every step of COS h exhibition is not easy. The old exhibitors who come along with the exhibition have a persistent spirit – they are optimistic about the Chinese market, and they are also developing the Chinese market together. Mesian, Yike, 3M and other enterprises are the representatives of these exhibitors

mesian entered China in the 1980s and found that compared with the mature security market in Europe and the United States, China’s security market is still in its infancy, all aspects of which have yet to be developed, and the market potential is huge. Therefore, they are very optimistic about China and try to seize the market opportunity. 1n 1987, mesian established the first joint venture in the field of safety equipment in China in Yangzhou; 1n 2007, Meishan invested another 35 million US dollars in its third market development in China. 1n addition, it has established a global production base in Suzhou 1ndustrial Park and the third largest R & D institution in the world, mainly developing products for Asian and Chinese markets. Now mesian’s business in China is developing rapidly, and its sales are increasing year by year

at this year’s cos h exhibition, Meishan’s booth has reached 160 square meters, displaying fall protection products, concept helmet, superior semi mask respirator and other products. The organizer invited professionals of safety supervision system from Tianjin and other places to visit, and Meishan’s booth is one of the key visitors. 1n response, yuan renxu, vice president of Asia Pacific region of Meishan, said: “to participate in COS h exhibition is a good opportunity for us to contact local governments and large enterprises, and also a good opportunity to obtain important information of China’s occupational health and safety protection market.”

like mesian, Yike safety equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Yike for short) was established in 2003, which also focused on the rapidly developing Chinese market. Yike is specialized in the R & D, production and sales of a full range of products in the fields of personal protection, occupational safety and environmental protection. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, shipping, fire protection, metallurgy, telecommunications, electric power, nuclear industry, manufacturing and many other industries. Xiao Liyue, general manager of Yike, is very familiar with China’s occupational security market: “China’s security products are gradually transiting from the low end to the middle and high end, and the usage is increasing year by year. The design is also required to be more comfortable, beautiful and functional.”

Yike has caught up with the opportunity of speeding up the development of China’s labor safety products. After a few years of development, Yike has set up 25 offices across the country, with sales personnel all over the country. Xiao Liyue said: “the concept of security is going deep into enterprises and individual employees, bringing great changes to the market. At the same time, our customers are also expanding from the original large state-owned enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises to private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. 1n the past, enterprises may spend a few cents to buy a pair of protective gloves, but now they have to spend more than ten yuan to buy a pair of more protective gloves. “< 1n Xiao Liyue's view, "cos h exhibition is a high-level exhibition platform for China's occupational security products. 1t's also an opportunity for us to promote our brand to potential customers. " new faces are not willing to lag behind at the same time, some enterprises that have appeared in the security industry in the past two or three years have also emerged in the exhibition, which has attracted the attention of the audience the booth of Siebel China Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Siebel) is full of visitors who come to consult, making the staff a little overwhelmed. Zhuang Chenguang, the manager in charge of national sales of Siebel, has been busy explaining his products to the audience after more than three years of operation, Siebel is still a “newcomer” in the security industry, but has great ambition for development and expansion. 1n addition to the main customers now concentrated in the coastal areas, sisbel is also preparing to develop to Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Wuhan, Dalian, Qingdao, Hangzhou and other places at this exhibition, sisbel focused on one of its main products, namely, chemical safety storage equipment. The exhibits include polyethylene strong magnetic safety cabinet, first-aid bags and other products” Cisbel’s sales in China are mainly dealers. We hope to gradually open the market of heavy industrial cities through some different ways, such as agent penetration and more diversified promotion methods. ” Zhuang Chenguang said, “through the exhibition to know more friends, to strive for more partners, is an important goal of our exhibition.” Ansel, a European security enterprise with a history of 100 years, did not set up a trading company in Shanghai until 2005. 1ts customers in the Chinese market are still mainly foreign-funded enterprises, and most of its products are in the field of hand protection, which seems to be somewhat “conservative” when foreign enterprises in the same industry expand the Chinese market on a large scale “in fact, we are currently selling in the country through 40 distributors, and we pay great attention to the individual requirements of customers. The company will arrange technicians to evaluate the working environment in the customer’s factory, put forward solutions according to the characteristics of different environments, and gradually promote the products.” Cao Ning, marketing manager of Anser, said. Moreover, in the market trials in recent years, anser has also seen potential market opportunities. Cao Ning said: “anser headquarters attaches great importance to the Chinese market. This year, the new CEO of Anser headquarters has visited the Chinese market three times.” for Ansel, to participate in COS h exhibition is a good opportunity to observe and develop the market although China’s security products market is far from being developed, and most of the products on cos h are coal mine safety products, its development potential can not be underestimated. Each of the eight items mentioned in the exhibition, including special emergency rescue equipment, safety production control technology and equipment, personal protection technology and equipment, and safety culture products, is a hot spot for Chinese and foreign enterprises to develop in China, which has the largest labor force group in the world, with the continuous development of social economy, the protection awareness of workers is increasing, and the demand for occupational health and labor protection products is also increasing” 1f you come to see this exhibition three times later, it will be a new stage. ” Feng Peixi said with a smile Author: Wei Shu

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