Upgrading of Wenzhou shoe enterprises in the process of transfer

from the Chongqing mold industrial park built with more than 4 billion yuan, to the Zhejiang industrial park built by Aokang’s western shoes capital and Longjin industrial group, to the successful group’s 10 billion yuan construction of the largest auto parts city in Western China, and Huafeng and Ruili are preparing to settle in one after another… Wen merchants often invest billions of yuan in Chongqing’s projects. After decades of development, Wenzhou businessmen have developed from the original “small business” to an important “business group” that affects Chongqing’s economy

Wenzhou people have created one economic myth after another in Chongqing

the attraction of Chongqing brings them together. 1n their eyes, Chongqing is not only a treasure land for investment, but also a livable resort. Since becoming a municipality directly under the central government for 13 years, many Wenzhou people have made money in Chongqing. Aokang, Chengtai, Chiba and Kobayashi have become leaders in the industry. 1n recent years, Wenzhou enterprises Chenggong group, Chongqing Longjin industrial group, Wenzhou Guohao 1ndustrial Development Co., Ltd., Huafeng Group and Ruili group are going to invest more than 10 billion yuan in Chongqing…

what attracts Wenzhou people to this mountain city thousands of miles away< Some people say that it is an opportunity for the formation of strategic location, administrative system, finance, taxation and modern logistics, while others say that Wenzhou's industry is "upgrading in the process of transfer." many local traditional industries in Wenzhou are restricted by resource elements, and their development has reached a bottleneck. 1t is a wise choice to seek new development space. Chongqing is rich in resources and services, and supported by national policies. A series of preferential policies have forced Wenzhou merchants to look here

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