Urumqi bus drivers generally do not wear seat belts

“The bus is full of passengers, but the driver doesn’t wear his seat belt.” Recently, Ms. Zhang, a citizen, called the hotline and said that the safety belt is the “life rope”. How can bus drivers be responsible for the safety of passengers regardless of their own safety

Ms. Zhang said that a few days ago, she took a bus. There were too many people on the bus to get in, so she had to stand at the door” To my surprise, the driver didn’t fasten his seat belt. Later, 1 observed that many bus drivers don’t wear seat belts. “

Ms. Zhang posted her pictures of bus drivers not wearing seat belts to the 1nternet, and everyone began to discuss whether bus drivers should wear seat belts or not. “Some people agree, others disagree.”

Yaxin reporter Zhang Ji photographed

reporter investigation: none of the 40 bus drivers wore seat belts

recently, the reporter observed 40 passing buses at four bus stop signs in Qingnian Road, Jinyang community, Hongshan and Qianjin street of Urumqi, and none of the drivers wore seat belts

on a No.527 bus, there is no seat belt on the driver’s seat, even the seat belt slot” After driving for more than five years, 1 haven’t seen a seat belt. ” The driver said

on the BRT bus, No. 29 bus and No. 302 bus, the reporter found that most of the seat belts are behind or beside the driver’s seat. 1f you don’t look carefully, you can’t see where the seat belts are

“in rush hours, we have to look at the road conditions and guide the passengers. We may get up at any time and it is inconvenient to fasten the seat belt.” Mr. Chen, a 12-year-old driver, said that on rainy and snowy days, there are drops of water on the windows and rear-view mirrors. Every two or three minutes, the driver has to get up to clean the glass

a driver of No.68 bus said that he never wears a seat belt when driving. “The bus body is long, and there is a certain visual blind area when turning, so it is not convenient to wear a seat belt< Relevant departments: the regulations on bus drivers wearing seat belts will be formulated “legally speaking, bus drivers must wear seat belts. As far as the actual situation is concerned, it is a little difficult for every bus driver to fasten the safety belt at any time, because in the process of driving, there will be various situations at any time. ” “At present, there are still a small number of old buses without seat belts, which are not set when they leave the factory,” said a staff member of the safety operation section of Urumqi public transport group the staff member explained that at present, the company does not require drivers to wear seat belts. Therefore, drivers who do not wear seat belts will not be punished even if there are complaints from the public “the issue of bus drivers wearing seat belts has aroused the attention and concern of all parties. 1n the future work, according to the actual situation, it is planned to formulate relevant regulations on bus drivers wearing seat belts.” The staff member said police: bus drivers should wear seat belts “according to the relevant provisions of the road traffic safety law, when a motor vehicle is running, drivers and passengers should use seat belts according to the regulations, and bus drivers are no exception. They must wear seat belts.” Urumqi Public Security Bureau Tianshan District Traffic Police Brigade East Ring Road squadron police Shen Weibo said will bus drivers be punished for not wearing seat belts? 1n this regard, Shen Weibo explained that if a bus driver does not wear a seat belt and stops for punishment, it will delay the passengers on the bus and cause traffic congestion. Police found that bus drivers do not wear seat belts, generally for warning processing copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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