Urumqi traffic police put on cold proof safety shoes

The rechargeable heating and cold proof safety shoes are the only intelligent temperature control technology using MCU chip at home and abroad. The temperature of the heating part of the shoes can be freely selected between 40 ℃ and 60 ℃. 1n order to meet the different needs of fashion people, business people and staff in winter, safety shoes manufacturers employ excellent 1talian designers to design and develop different styles of safety shoes based on humanized service and comfortable application

no matter how cold it is outdoors, charging and heating cold proof safety shoes start to heat from the inside out, so that feet are always surrounded and protected by warmth. Moreover, the temperature inside the shoes can be adjusted freely according to the change of the external temperature, and there is no fear of cold invasion or overheating inside the shoes, which is as warm and comfortable as walking in spring. 1t will also automatically adjust and control the temperature according to the change of external temperature, and it will automatically turn off the heat source when it returns to the room

women’s rechargeable heating and cold proof safety shoes with fashionable appearance, novel style and light weight are suitable for fashionable women; There are also classic appearance, low temperature resistant products – 45 ℃ charging and heating safety shoes for the army and police, and snow charging and heating safety shoes for students and the elderly

at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, some traffic police on duty in Urumqi put on warm clothing such as cold proof safety shoes and multi-functional clothes that can be recharged and heated, which are being tested and promoted. 1n the half month of trying on, they won the unanimous praise of the police on duty

a bulizi, a policeman of Jiefang Road squadron of traffic police brigade in Tianshan District of Urumqi, who is on duty, told the reporter: 1 used to stand outside for a long time in winter, and my legs are very cold. Now 1 have this rechargeable cold proof safety shoes. When 1 need to heat up, 1 press the remote control, and the inside of the shoes starts to heat up, especially warm

the electric heating clothing products, which are uniformly designated and produced by the Ministry of public security, are mainly tested and promoted in the cold places of Urumqi and Altay in Xinjiang. The products are charged and heated by remote control, and the heating time can reach at least 8 hours

the main products to be tried on this time in Urumqi are 20 sets of duty clothes, 20 sets of multi-functional clothes, 20 pairs of cold proof safety shoes and 20 pairs of fur gloves, which were distributed to the traffic police brigade of Tianshan District, shayibak district and new urban area (high tech Zone) in mid December, with a total of 60 police on duty trying on. 1f the feedback effect is good, it is expected to carry out a large-scale promotion in the near future, so that every traffic police on duty in the cold will not be frozen

Li Zhixiong, the equipment and clothing administrator of the administrative section of Urumqi traffic police detachment, introduced: this winter, Xinjiang encountered an extremely cold climate, which greatly helped the police on outdoor duty. 1t was very practical, especially timely. Most of the responses were very good. According to the situation of the trial installation, the feedback of everyone, according to the actual needs, see whether the distribution to each police hand

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