Us shoe companies launch GPS tracking shoes

according to the comprehensive news of shoe net, a company named GTX in the United States has creatively designed a pair of shoes with built-in GPS module, which is used to track all kinds of people who need to be tracked, such as friends with Alzheimer’s disease or other diseases

of course, some people question whether patients will remember to put on their shoes. 1f those people don’t remember the way home, their living ability is also far behind that of normal people. And some people say that in fact, the effect of opening the corresponding service industry in communication companies is the same, and this pair of shoes is currently scheduled to be launched in the spring of next year, with a price of about $200-300, and an information fee of $18 per month

it doesn’t seem to be so cost-effective, but this kind of idea still needs to be tried out first. However, when the foot tramples on the ground, it can generate a small amount of power in some ways, so with this function, it is undoubtedly more conducive to long-term use

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