Use gas mask to smear nail polish to avoid poisoning hazards.

the weather is getting warmer. Nail polish is becoming more and more beautiful. Now the nail polish formula has improved a lot compared with before, and the safety has improved. But after all, it still contains chemicals, so in the process of painting, we must wear protective clothing such as respirator, and so on. Br/>
nail polish hazards

nail polish is processed by chemical substances, contains a large number of chemicals, such as benzene, toluene, aluminum, and even heavy metals such as mercury, the composition is very complex. Nail polish damage to the human body is mainly caused by two ways of respiratory system and skin infiltration. Nail polish smear the environment air is not transparent, or space is narrow, nail polish contains harmful substances volatilized in the air, through the respiratory tract inhalation of lung power, can make people feel headache, severe chest tightness reaction. 1n addition, some chemicals enter the human body through the “small sun” part of the nail root, thus causing damage to the human body. Although the nail polish is drained, it still contains some toxic pigments. 1t may also be stained with skin or mouth and nose in the course of eating, which leads to allergic contact dermatitis. Br/>
inferior nail polish is more harmful.

, China’s perfume and fragrance cosmetics association has carried out chemical analysis of Manicure products. 1t has been found that some of the nail polish oils contain up to 80% carcinogenic substances, o-benzoic acid two formic acid, and some nail polish also contains phthalate esters. Most likely to cause miscarriage or birth deformity

protective measures

1. try to use good nail polish, do not use too much corrosive substances of nail polish. And use nail polish frequently. Don’t change it until it’s completely faded. You have to unload it every few days

tips: almost no nail salon provides employees or customers with anti-virus masks that can really prevent toxic substances. Some employees wear ordinary non-woven masks, but they can’t protect themselves at all. So here’s a suggestion: why not spend a few yuan on health

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