Use of anti-static clothing

1n our daily life, we should pay more attention to safety when using anti-static clothing, and pay attention to the following aspects to ensure everyone’s safety. 1 hope you can understand carefully before using:

first, in order to prevent the accumulation of static electricity in clothes, anti-static fabric is used as the fabric and the sewn work clothes are anti-static clothes. Wear requirements:

A, the area grade of gas explosion dangerous place belongs to zone 0 and zone 1, and the minimum ignition energy of combustible is less than 0.25mj, anti-static clothing should be worn

B. 1t is forbidden to attach or wear any metal objects on the anti-static clothing

C. when wearing anti-static clothing, it must be matched with anti-static shoes

D. 1t is forbidden to wear and take off in inflammable and explosive places

Second, anti-static rubber shoes are anti-static shoes, which can eliminate the accumulation of static electricity in human body in time and prevent electric shock from power supply below 250V. Wear requirements:

A. wear anti-static rubber shoes in places where the human body may cause combustion and explosion due to static electricity and in places where electrical equipment below 250V can occasionally cause electric shock and fire to human body

B. in order to ensure the effect of eliminating human body static electricity, when wearing anti-static rubber shoes, the resistance of the ground should not be greater than 1.0 * 108 ohm

C. in the process of wearing shoes, it is not allowed to wear thick socks and insoles with strong insulation or wool at the same time

D. in the process of wearing shoes, the bottom of anti-static rubber shoes shall not be stained with insulating impurities

thirdly, safety belt is the labor protection appliance for workers working at height to prevent falling casualties. 1t’s made up of belts, ropes, and metal fittings

A. workers working at heights must wear safety belts before they can work

B. the safety belt should be hung high and used low, and attention should be paid to prevent swinging and collision. The buffer should be added when using the rope longer than 3m

C, buffer, differential device and self-locking hook can be used in series

D. all parts of the safety belt shall not be removed at will. Pay attention to adding a rope sleeve when replacing a new rope

fourthly, the helmet which can protect human head from external force injury is safety helmet, which is composed of cap shell, cap lining, chin strap, rear hoop, etc. Wearing requirements:

A. in the high-altitude operation site, maintenance construction site or cross operation site, workers must wear safety helmets

b the belt must be tied to prevent falling off when wearing safety helmet in dangerous places

C. if the cap shell and cap liner are aged or damaged, which reduces the impact resistance and penetration resistance, they shall not be used any more, but shall be replaced with a new cap

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