Use ropes carefully when escaping from a high building with more than 10 floors

A fire broke out on the 17th floor. Three members of the family were trapped. Their wife and daughter were successfully rescued by the fire department. Unfortunately, their husband died when he tied a rope to help himself. The fire department issued an urgent reminder that the escape from the fire should be done by tying ropes correctly, especially for the residents above the 10th floor

the first fire brigade said that after the fire accident, the issue of fire escape in high-rise buildings once again aroused heated discussion among the masses” Please use it with caution, especially for residents above the 10th floor. ” The Fire Department reminded that when a fire breaks out, if people are trapped indoors, they can actively use indoor objects such as bed sheets and curtains to form ropes to escape from the windows. The premise is that the floor is not too high (no more than 10 floors) and the fire is not big, and has not spread to the whole unit

in addition, when people escape by tying ropes, one end of the rope must be tied to the window cross frame, indoor water pipes, heating pipes and other fixed components, and the other end must be tied to the waist or armpit. Towel, cloth, etc. shall be used to protect the palm of the hand. They can slide down the rope to the floor without fire to escape from danger, or escape to the neighbor’s house without fire through the connected platform

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