using micro film to make safety production deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

Last night, in the Poly 1nternational Film City of Xiangcheng District, the premiere of the production safety micro film “precious is life, happy is safety” was held. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of work safety said that he hoped to use the innovative publicity method of “micro film + safety production” to make safety production deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

the micro film lasts about 7 minutes. 1t tells the story of a young worker who was often reprimanded by another old worker for not wearing a safety helmet. The young worker didn’t think much of it, but later found that the old worker had a tragedy because he didn’t wear a safety helmet 15 years ago, and the young people realized the importance of wearing a safety helmet during operation

in last year’s “production safety month”, the Municipal Bureau of work safety first tried to prevent and deal with production safety accidents by making cartoons, which were broadcast on rail transit platforms and cars, and achieved good publicity effect. To this end, the Municipal Bureau of work safety has made micro films this year

since yesterday, the micro film has been shown at 10 fixed projection sites in Gusu District, Wuzhong District, Xiangcheng District, Huqiu District and Suzhou 1ndustrial Park. Each time, it will be shown before the film starts, with a total of 142 shows; At the same time, a total of 554 shows will be broadcast in 213 mobile projection sites including communities and rural areas. 1t is expected that by the end of May next year, there will be about 8000 shows

in recent years, six types of production safety accidents such as falling from height, object strike, mechanical injury, vehicle injury, electric shock and collapse occur frequently. Taking “six prevention” as the content, the Municipal Bureau of work safety has produced six cartoon short films, each lasting more than 30 seconds. Recently, six short cartoons have been shown on nearly 6000 TV screens on the platforms and carriages of rail transit lines 1, 2 and 4. At the same time, 2300 TV screens on urban buses will also roll every day

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